Scan business cards to iPhone contacts for free

Have you collected many business cards at expos, chamber gatherings and other social network events? How to import the business cards into iPhone Contacts? Most people may manually input only those very important contacts information to their phone and leave most others tossed in a drawer. Today, we will introduce you an effective way to digitalize your business cards and scan them to your iPhone Contacts using a free business card scanner app for iPhone.

Adobe Scan is one of the most popular PDF scanners on Apple App Store. It is powerful, easy-to-use and best of all, it is free to download and use without any limitation. All you need is a free email account to sign up a free account with Adobe before you use the PDF and business card scanner app. Adobe also provides premium services and features that you can purchase, such as the PDF export feature.

Scan Business Cards to iPhone

Run the scanner app on your iPhone, start a new file scanning and switch to the Business Card scanning mode at the lower section. Point your iPhone camera to the business card you want to scan and press the shutter button to scan it into your iPhone.

Scan business cards to iPhone contacts using adobe scan for free
Scan business cards to iPhone contacts using adobe scan for free

Point your camera toward to another business card and press the shutter button to scan it to iPhone; repeat the steps to scan more business cards to your iPhone.

Edit business cards scan and save

You will have the option to edit the scans and then save them to your iPhone as PDF.

edit, save your business cards scan on iPhone using adobe scan

For example, you can add new page or scan, reorder all business cards, crop, rotate them, apply effects and so on.

Save business cards scan as iPhone contacts

Save your business cards as PDF, Adobe Scan will upload your scans to their server to preform OCR and recognize all text from your scans. After that you can find the business cards in the Recent or All Scans tab on its home screen. Open a business card in Adobe Scan, you have the option to save it to your iPhone Contacts app.

save business cards scan to iPhone contacts using adobe scan

You can then preview the contacts details and manually correct them if any error found before saving your business card scans to iPhone Contacts app.

Scan documents to PDF on iPhone

You can use Adobe Scan to scan documents, business cards, whiteboard, books, receipts, magazines and so on. A very useful app. Check out this tutorial to scan paper documents to PDF using iPhone for free

If you have already taken pictures of them and save them in the Camera Roll, you can also convert the photos to PDF on iPhone with Adobe Scan.

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  1. Following the steps worked, almost. Had to edit the name and email address as they were incorrect, then add the business name and URL

  2. I nicely photographed a card, then needed to get it into my iPhone 12 but I couldn’t find a way to get it to that contacts…

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