How to scan a document to computer from iPhone?

Speaking of scanning documents to computer, you may think about a printer or scanner. In fact, there are many other ways or tools can also help you scan a document to computer. iPhone is one of them. In an earlier guide, we have already demonstrated how you can scan documents to PDF using iPhone. This solution can also help you scan documents to computer easily.

Get the document you want to scan on the desk, it could be any paper, tickets, contract, book, newspaper, paper notes, sketches. You can get better scanning result if your desk is in different color with the document you are going to scan. For example, if it is a white A4 paper, you’d better put the paper on some flat surface with different color so the scanner app on iPhone can easily and quickly detect the borders. You can scan faster, and you save the time to select an area of the scanned document to cut and save.

Step 1. Scan documents to PDF on iPhone

Now run Notes, Files, Mail, or the scanner app as mentioned in previous linked page above. Then launch the built-in scanning tool and point your iPhone Camera to the document, wait a second for the scanner app to detect the object, the press the Scan button to scan document to iPhone. You can find more details from above guide.

scan documents using files app on iphone

Once the scanning of documents finished, you can save a copy of them on your iPhone iPad for achieving. You will have the options to share, transfer or upload them, etc.

Step 2. Transfer scanned documents to computer

Once you finished scanning a document to PDF on iPhone, tap on the Share button within the scanner, you will find various options to share the scanned documents from iPhone, iPad. If your goal is to print scanned documents using a printer, you can choose Print as shown in above figure, then use the Apple AirPrint to print documents from iPhone. The easiest way to transfer scanned documents to computer is to attach the documents to your email from iPhone, then you can open this email on your PC or Mac, and download the scanned documents from email to computer. For more details, you can refer to this tutorial to scan documents to email on iPhone. If you are using a cloud hosting service, such as Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, One Drive, Evernote, Box, OneNote, etc, you can upload the PDF documents from iPhone to these cloud hosting service then download to your computer.

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