How to scan a document to email using iPhone iPad?

There are different ways you can scan a document to email. You can scan your document using a stand-alone scanner, a multi-function printer or a scanner app on your phone or tablet. Document scanning with your mobile phone is the easiest and most convenient way. By doing so, you can scan a document to email without a computer, printer or scanner. With a mobile phone, you can easily scan documents from anywhere and at any time. You can scan documents to iPhone iPad then send the electronic copy of paper in PDF format through email, share the scanned documents via messaging apps, or cloud storage services. Isn’t it really convenient? Imagine that you are on the go somewhere out of office or you are on vocation when you need to send some personal or business documents to someone. And you do not have access to a computer, scanner or printer, what you have is your iPhone or iPad which you carry with you anywhere. You can then take out your iPhone from pocket, use iPhone as portable scanner to scan a document to PDF using iPhone. You will be able to use iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to scan any paper document, receipt, book, and so on, then send the scanned documents via email from iPhone iPad. If you like to give it a shot, check out below steps.

How to scan a document to email using iPhone iPad?

There are different ways to scan a document using an iPhone. You can scan documents using the Notes app, the Files app, and there are a lot of third-party scanning apps from the App Store to scan documents on your iPhone, such as Adobe Scan, Scanner Pro, CamScanner, and Scanbot.

In this guide, we will show you how to scan a document to email right in the Mail app on iPhone so you don’t need to download or invest in extra scanner apps.

Go into the Mail app to reply an email or create a new email. Tap the body, you will see the virtual keyboard displays at the lower half of your phone screen. At the top of the keyboard, you will find the predictive text suggestions. Tap on the the arrow icon which can be found behind all these predictive text suggestions to show more buttons and options.

 scan document to email in Mail app on iPhone

Then click on the Scan icon to launch your camera and start scanning your documents. You can scan as many pages as you want. By default, the camera will move on to the next page automatically under the Auto mode. If needed, you can adjust the edges of the scanned document by dragging the corners of the frame. Tap the Keep Scan button if you are satisfied with the scan. Tap Save to save and attach the scanned document as PDF files to your message. You can then select or type in the recipient’s email address, and share the scanned document through email with others.

Other ways to scan documents to PDF on iPhone

Except the Mail app, there are several other ways to scan documents using an iPhone, you can use the built-in Notes app, Files app or a third-party scanner app. Check out this tutorial to scan documents to PDF on iPhone for more details.

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