Scan multiple pages into one PDF using Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is a great scanning app for iPhone iPad. It offers a lot of cool tools, such as batch scanning, automatic edge detection, multiple pages in one PDF, different styles like color, grayscale, or black & white, 5 levels of contrast, various page size, documents password protection, etc. It comes with both free and paid version. You can scan two PDFs with the free version. With recent update, many users found Tiny Scanner doesn’t allow us to scan multiple pages into one PDF document any more.

Multi Page isn’t working
Is anyone going to fix the multi page error? I used to be able to scan several pages with my iPhone and it would create one PDF document. That doesn’t work anymore.

No more multi page PDFs
They just destroyed this app by taking away the multi page PDF option. You can only get singles. I’ll just use another app.

With recent updates, only the Single mode is available. The developer disabled the multi-page scan feature which allows you to scan papers one by one and save them as one PDF file automatically. A workaround we have found now is to scan a page and save it as single-page PDF file in Tiny scanner app. Then go back to open it, tap on the Add page button to scan the second page and save the PDF file. Repeat the steps to scan extra papers and append them to existing PDF document.

scan multiple pages, add pages to pdf in tiny scanner iphone

Better alternatives to Tiny Scanner

There are many other PDF scanners for iOS available on App Store, such as iScanner, Scannable, Scanbot, Scanner Pro, Adobe Scan, One Drive, etc. We highly recommend Adobe Scan which is more powerful and easier to use than Tiny Scanner. Best of all, it is totally FREE. We have mentioned this free scanner app in several articles before, such as this tutorial to scan PDF documents on iPhone, and this guide to scan PDF documents for free on iPhone, etc.

Scanning Documents natively using Files app on iPhone iPad

With iOS 13, you can now scan documents using the Files app on iPhone without using any third-party scanner apps. It is very easy to use.

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  1. The utter stupidity of deleting the multiple-page PDF doc function is astounding. It’s essential to my daily work. Having paid for the “Plus” version, I know feel justifiably ripped off.

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