Scan PDF doc using Scanbot on iPhone

Scanbot is an easy-to-use and powerful mobile scanner app for iOS users. It has greatly simplified the scanning procedure using an iPhone or iPad. Scan, process then save anything, mail, print or automatically upload your scans to your favorite cloud drive. 

Here we will use the free version of Scanbot on an iPhone to demonstrate how you can scan any document or paper into PDF and save it on your iPhone. 

Run the Scanbot on your iPhone, it opens your Camera automatically. If it asks your permission to access camera or Photo library, give it the permission. Point your camera toward anything you want to scan, from standard paper documents to business cards, QR codes, barcodes, notes, even whiteboards. The scanner will automatically detects the border and capture it in high-quality. Scans start at 200 dpi, delivering premium quality which is comparable to modern desktop scanners. Auto optimization and blur-reduction are supported

Scanbot scanner app to scan documents using iphone
Scanbot scanner app to scan documents using iphone

You will then have the option to edit the scan before you hit the Save option to save it to your iPhone as PDF file. 

Process, edit scan and save to iPhone - Scanbot scanner app
Process, edit scan

You can tap Scan to scan it again, add filters to your scan, crop, rotate or delete your scan.

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