Scan QR code from image on iPhone using Google Photos

In an earlier post, we recommended a free app to iPhone users which can be used to scan QR code from image on iPhone and iPad. Some users told us that this app can’t be found in their country. In fact, you don’t have to use a specialized QR code scanner app for this job. You can also choose other photo apps, Google Photos is a good example. It has the built-in feature Google Lens which can be used to scan QR codes from photos. It is free and easy to use too.

Download this free app by Google from the App Store on to your iPhone or iPad. Launch the Photos app, find a photo with QR code on it, could it be a captured screenshot, downloaded image, photo you have taken or picture received. The Photos app will analyze it, tap the Lens button at the bottom to spit out results. See below screenshot.

Scan QR code from image on iPhone using Google Photos

You will be presented with the content of the QR code. You can then choose what to do with it, copy it to clipboard, visit the URL site in browser if applicable, translate the text to your own language, share or open it with other apps on your iPhone, etc.

It is not only QR codes, it can read, but also lots of more other things, such as phone numbers, dates, addresses, furniture, clothing, books, movies, music albums, video games, landmarks, notable buildings, barcodes, etc.

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