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Recent iPhone iPad models allow us directly scan QR codes using the native Camera app. You can find more details from this guide to scan QR codes on iPhone iPad. What about QR codes on images or websites? Is it possible to extract QR codes from images on iPhone?

Currently we can’t find such an utility from the Camera or Photos app on iOS device. In order to scan QR code from images on iPhone, we need a third-party app with QR code reading feature or use an online QR code scanner. In this article, we will use 5 different apps, photos app, QR code scanners, chat app, to demonstrate how you can read QR codes from image files for free on iPhone, iPad.


Method 1. Scan QR code from photo with Google Photos

You don’t have to use a specialized QR code scanner app for this job. We found some photo apps, like Google Photos, can also help us scan QR code on images, screenshots, pictures on iPhone. It is free, powerful and easy to use.

google photos app for iphone ipad

Download Google Photos for free from Apple App Store on to your iPhone or iPad. Launch the Photos app, find a photo with QR code on it. The Photos app will analyze it, tap the Lens button at the bottom to spit out results. See below screenshot.

Scan QR code from image on iPhone using Google Photos

You will be presented with the content of the QR code. You can then choose what to do with it, copy it to clipboard, visit the URL site in browser if applicable, translate the text to your own language, share or open it with other apps on your iPhone, etc.

Method 2. Scan QR code from photos using Google app

You can use the Google app for iOS to scan photos and read QR codes on iPhone. Here are the steps to do so. Download and then open the Google app on your iPhone. On its Home screen, tap on the Camera icon behind the search box. Select the photo you want to scan. The Google app will automatically read the QR code and show you the information contained in it.

scan qr code from photos, screenshots using Google app on iphone

Method 3. Scan QR code from images, pictures using EFQRCode

In a relative article, we demonstrated how you can create QR code on iPhone with a free QR code creator. Instead of converting QR code to images on iPhone, this tiny app can also help iOS users convert images to QR codes right on their iPhone or iPad.

Download and launch the QR creator and reader app on iPhone. You will find the Recognizer and Generator from its home interface. Choose Recognizer, you will then find two buttons at the screen bottom. Tap on Choose image, browse to your Camera Roll or photo album on iPhone, select and import the QR code image to the QR code reader app.

scan QR code from image on iPhone using free QR code reader

Tap on the Scan button at the bottom right corner to start scanning. The scan result will be displayed along with the option to copy it.

Method 4. Read QR codes from images with online scanner on iPhone

There are many online services or web QR readers you can use to scan QR codes from images, photos. You just need to access these websites from your web browser, then upload the QR code file, and get the information extracted from the image file. Do a search on Google you will find many free online QR code scanners. For example, you can run Safari to visit, then tap the Camera icon, tap Choose File, then select the image files from your Photo Library or Files app, the web QR code scanner will then read the information on the image file and display it at the lower section.

Method 5. Recognize QR code from photos using WeChat

Chat apps, like WhatsApp, WeChat, allow users to scan a QR code to quickly add new contacts. The built-in Scan tool in WeChat is very useful. You can use QR Codes for tasks like adding a friend to your contacts, inviting people to join WeChat Groups, following Official Accounts of popular brands, making payments online, etc.

Scanning a QR Code on WeChat is very simple.  Launch WeChat on your iPhone, switch from Home to Discover screen from the bottom. Then click Scan, point your camera at the QR Code to start scanning. It can help us recognize QR codes from photos or images saved in our Albums. On the Scanning screen, tap on Album, then find and add the photo, WeChat will read the QR code and display the information contained in the QR code and perform the desired task automatically, such as opening website URLs, showing plain text, etc.

scan qr code from photos using WeChat on iPhone

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  1. LOL there’s no actual app mentioned or linked to. Google brought me here because the free ‘QR Code Reader’ (by TinyLab) old iPhone app (v.12.5.4) from the app store has the photo QR code reader, but it doesn’t work after you select the QR image!
    NB: Be VERY careful downloading QR apps on the Apple app store – lots of them charge a very expensive monthly subscription with just one touch of the screen!

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