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Scanner Pro is the best iPhone scanner app to quickly scan and save a digital version of any paper document. You can use this mobile scanner app to scan your receipts, whiteboards, paper notes, sketches or any multi-page document. It turns your iPhone and iPad into portable scanners. This document scanner app can save a digital copy of your documents on your iPhone iPad or iPod touch, you can email the documents, print them out, upload them to Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote, sync your documents to iCloud. The iPhone scanner app incorporates special algorithms that remove shadows, make scans sharper, correct perspective and make them as readable as possible.

Scan receipts

Scan receipts to keep track of travel expenses

Scan to email

Sign with a pen and scan a contract to email it back

Create digital copies

Convert paper notes and sketches into digital copies

Scan to iPhone

Save interesting articles and book pages for further reading

scan paper documents to PDF using iphone ipad
Experience the simplicity of document scanning using scanner app for iPhone, iPad

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I have owned this app for years and generally switched between it and Scanbot to get the best scans. | just used it again for the first time in a few months today to scan a multi-page document and I am blown away. Under fairly poor lighting conditions (at nighttime under a yellow lamp) Scanner Pro gave me a perfect OCR scan of my document. Both pages were perfectly aligned, the edges of the pages were perfectly clean, the angle looked perfect, the crease in the paper was gone, and the pages looked perfectly white even though I took the scan under yellow tinted lighting. I tested the scan’s OCR by searching a few random words
(in PDF Expert) and it worked perfectly. Wow — I don’t know what secret sauce Readdle has been infusing into this app lately but it’s miles ahead of where it used to be, even though it’s always been one of the top quality scanning apps in the App Store. Bravo, Readdle! Keep it up! PDF Expert and Documents have been invaluable apps to me; I hope Readdle keeps pushing forward.

Blown away

I bought Scanner Pro three years ago and it continues to be the most useful and convenient app I own. Being on-the-go and not always having the time or access to a scanner, this app makes it easy to scan documents in color or B&W for future reference or use. The technology is accurate in capturing the image you want or you can manually adjust borders to get more or less of the document you need. Even if distorted or taken from an angle, the app will automatically adjust the image, so words and borders are straight and clear. You can email, add to, delete or retake scans. I use it all the time. I’ve only used the fax feature once and there is a small fee to pay, but it was money well spent when I needed to emergently send documents for clinicals. I highly recommend this app. My only request from developers would be to look into being able to attach scanned documents to already existing e-mail drafts.

best app i’ve purchased

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