Send files from iPhone to Android

File sharing between iPhone and Android phones can be quite challenging without the proper tools or apps. There are different ways to transfer data from iPhone to Android or vice versa. Some requires data cables, some requires a PC in the middle. You may be asked to sign up an account and upload the files and documents to a cloud service, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Photos, Microsoft OneDrive, etc. Instant messaging services, like Messenger, Line, WeChat, are frequently used to share files and documents with colleagues, family and friends. Sending a few files in small size via email is also a good option. Bluetooth sharing between iPhone and Android however doesn’t work well. In this article, we will walk you through the simple, quick steps to transfer files from iPhone to Android or the other way around using two of those most popular peer-to-peer data transfer apps. They are all wireless, free, easy and fast.

Method 1. Transfer files from iPhone to Android with Zapya

Zapya is the best wireless file transfer option for most iPhone and Android users. It is Free, powerful and easy to use. It contains ads, but not very annoying. It support file transfer through Wi-Fi, Hotspot and Wi-Fi direct.

Step 1. Connect iPhone and Android to Wi-Fi

Except Wi-Fi networks, you can also connect up different mobile phones via Hotspot or Wi-Fi direct with Zapya. In this tutorial, we will only show you how to connect and share files between iPhone and Android through Wi-Fi.

Connect both iPhone and Android to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2. Select files in Zapya to share from iPhone

Run Zapya file transfer app on iPhone. The Photo tab opens at the home screen so you can quickly select any photos from your Camera Roll to share. You can also switch to Video, Music, Contact, or File tab to select and share more other files.

zapya app select photos to send from iphone

Tap on the Transfer button at the bottom of Zapya on iPhone, the app will search for nearby devices and your Android mobile will be found automatically. Tap on avatar of your Android phone to connect. And those selected files will be sent to the Android phone once they are connected.

zapya app iphone connect android phone
connect iphone to android via wifi using zapya file transfer

Step 3. Find received files on Android phone

In Zapya app on Android, open the Transfer history to find all sent and received files through this wireless transfer app. The app will also create an album titled in your Gallery app to download and save those photos, videos received from iPhone, computer or other Android mobile phones.

Method 2. Copy files from iPhone to Android using Owlfiles app

Unlike those popular wireless transfer apps, such as SHAREit, Zapya, Xender, it may be your first time to hear this Owlfiles file manager app. It comes with both free and paid versions. Here we will use its free version on iPhone and Android to show you how this cross-platform file manager and transfer app can help with data exchange between them.

Owlfiles File Manager app

Step 1. Connect iPhone and Android to Wi-Fi or Hotspot

Ensure you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network on both iPhone and Android. When a Wi-Fi network is not available, connect them up via Personal hotspot on iPhone or Wi-Fi hotspot on Android.

Step 2. Put Android into the Receive mode

Run Owlfiles file explorer on your Android mobile, choose More tab from the bottom, then select Nearby Receive in the Toolbox section.

Owlfiles file explorer toolbox nearby receive on Android mobile

Now your Android phone will enter the Nearby Receive mode waiting to be connected and shared files from other devices.

Owlfiles file explorer nearby receive mode on Android mobile

Step 3. Select and send files from iPhone

On our iPhone, launch Owlfiles file explorer, switch to More tab from the bottom, click Nearby Send.

Owlfiles file explorer toolbox nearby send on iPhone

Browse through the folders to pick the files, photos, videos, music, PDF or else, you like to share from iPhone to Android. Tap on Next button.

Owlfiles file explorer on iPhone will scan and find your Android phone. Simply tap on your Android device name to start sending the selected files from iPhone to Android through the Owlfiles file explorer app.

Owlfiles file explorer nearby send mode on iPhone to connect Android mobile

Tap on the avatar of the Android phone to connect and copy all selected files from iPhone to Android over Wi-Fi.

send files from iphone to android using Owlfiles nearby share

Step 4. Find received files on Android

Files will be saved to the Downloads folder. Switch to the My Files tab in the Owlfiles app, open Downloads folder to find all received files. Or find them from the Downloads folder using the stock Files app or File Manager on Androidstock Files app or File Manager on Android.

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