Send photos & videos from iPhone to computer using Shareit

SHAREit is a free file transfer app for iPhone iPad iPod touch. It can help you easily send files from iOS device to computer or vice versa. It does not use your mobile data, no USB data cord required. You can simply connect both iPhone/iPad and your PC/Mac to the same Wi-fi network, then freely exchange files and documents between them over your LAN. In this article, we will show you how it can help us export photos, videos and other files from iPhone to PC. To do that, simply follow below instructions.

Send photos & videos from iPhone to computer over Wi-Fi using Shareit

Step 1. Download Shareit app

Get the free file transfer for iPhone here and its desktop version for PC or Mac here. Then install the desktop version on your computer.

Step 2. Connect both iPhone and PC to the same network

Your iPhone and computer need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Step 3. Select photos & videos on iPhone and transfer

Run the file transfer app on iPhone, touch Send button from its home screen.

shareit app for iphone

Then select photos and videos from your Camera Roll and/or other files on your iPhone. After that touch the OK button.

choose photos videos files in shareit app on iphone

The Shareit app will scan other available devices that are also been connected to the current WiFi network. Make sure the Shareit app is also running on your PC, otherwise the Shareit app for iPhone can’t find your computer. Tap on the avatar of your PC to send files from iPhone to computer via Shareit app.

send files from iphone to computer using shareit app

Step 4. Receive files on PC

On the computer end, Shareit app will bring up an notification from where you can choose to accept the iPhone’s connection request and receive files from iPhone.

receive files transfer from iphone to computer using shareit

For more details about how this file transfer works, you can also refer to this guide to transfer files between mobile phones and computer using Shareit app. You will find this file transfer is cross platform, which can also help you exchange files and documents between iPhone, Android, Windows phone and computers.

Other great tools to transfer files between iPhone, iPad, iPod and computers

Except Shareit, there are many other apps can help us export files from iOS device to desktop or laptop or import data from computers to our iPhone iPad iPod touch. File Master is another great tool you can use and it is also FREE. Check out following tutorial to transfer Photos, Videos, Music and more between iPhone and Computer for FREE!

Not all files and documents can be exported from iPhone to your PC or Mac using the above free file transfer app. For example, your short messages, WhatsApp chat history, voice memos and many other files may be left off. For data transfer and backup of those file types, you need other specially designed tools. For instance, you can use this tool to backup WhatsApp chats from iPhone to computer, follow these steps to export voice memos or sound recordings from iPhone.

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