Send photos & videos from iPhone to Android using Shareit

A wireless transfer app is necessary for smartphone users who need the freedom of file and data share on the go. A year ago, we tested a free file transfer app and we were disappointed that it lacked the HD photo support. The pictures will be compressed before transferring to other phones. To avoid the image quality downgrade issue and transfer pictures between mobile phones in full size and quality, we then found a great alternative, the Shareit wireless file transfer. If you send media files frequently, from phone to phone, from phone to PC, from PC to phone, we highly recommend this easy to use and fast file transfer app.

Bluetooth is very popular for short distance data exchange. With this technology, we can send files from one mobile phone to another without the need for Wi-Fi network or mobile data. However its performance is poor, and the transfer speed is slow. The user experience with data exchange between iPhone and Android devices via Bluetooth is terrible. Recently portable Wi-Fi hotspot or personal hotspot has gain plenty of attention. Most phone makers have this feature built-in so their users can activate and use it without third-party apps. It is mainly used for internet sharing between different mobile phones. As this technology gets refined, a lot of developers jump in. As a result we can now find many file transfer apps make use of this technology for wireless file exchange between mobile phones. File transfer via hotspot has the freedom and flexibility as Bluetooth. Meanwhile it has improved the speed and performance, makes it the ideal solution for bulk file transfer and heavy media files exchange for mobile phone users.

SHAREit makes use of this technology for data exchange between iOS, Android, Windows phone, PC and Mac. If you want to send photos and videos from iPhone to Android phones, you can go to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on the Android phone in the help of this file transfer app. Then go to connect your iPhone to the Android phone’s portable hotspot, just like you connect the phone to any other Wi-Fi networks. Finally run the Shareit free file transfer app on iPhone, browse to your Camera Roll or other photo albums within the app, select any photos, videos, contacts, phone numbers, PDF docs, music and other files and send them from iPhone to Android phone wirelessly and quickly. You do not need any Wi-Fi network, internet access. It does not use any of your cellular data for file transfer. If you are interested and want to know more details about where to download and how to use it, check out below instructions to find out.

Send photos videos from iPhone to Android phone using Shareit

Get the Shareit free file transfer app here before we use it to send photos, videos and more other files from iPhone iPad to Android mobile phone without internet, Wi-Fi network or cellular data.

Step 1. Enable Receiving mode on Android and setup hotspot

Run the file transfer app on Android phone, touch Receive button from its home screen to enable the file receiving mode. The transfer app will automatically create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your Android phone, you can find the network name in the Shareit app screen.

shareit app receiving mode on android phone

Step 2. Connect iPhone to the Android phone’s hotspot

On your iPhone, go to Settings >> Wi-Fi, find and join the above hotspot network on Android phone.

Step 3. Select photos, videos on iPhone and send to Android

shareit app for iphone

Run Shareit free file transfer app on iPhone, touch Send button from its home screen.

Then browse to Files tab, Photos tab, or Contacts tab to select any photos, videos, contacts & phone numbers, PDF docs, music and other files on iPhone and send to Android phone instantly.

choose photos videos files in shareit app on iphone

Bonus tips about the file transfer from iPhone to Android

  • This app can also help you move files the other way around.
  • Since the iOS 11, Apple introduced the HEIC new image format. This format however is not widely supported by Android phones and Windows computers. You may need an image editor to convert it to more universal image format, such as JPG, JPEG, PNG. The iOS system has the built-in feature to allow users export them as JPG. What you need to do is to head into the iOS system Settings and tweak some file transfer options.

Update 2018: this article was originally posted in 2016 and has since been updated. in this update, we added extra tips on how to solve image and video incompatibility issues between iOS and Android.

8 thoughts on “Send photos & videos from iPhone to Android using Shareit”

    1. Run Shareit on Android, tap Receive button from its home screen, your phone should automatically setup the hotspot network;

      Connect your iPhone to the above network from Settings. Run Shareit on iPhone, tap Send button, choose files to send. On the ‘Click the avatar to send’ screen, you should find your Android phone, tap on it to send the files from iPhone to Android.

      If still no luck, please elaborate the issue with more details so we can try to replicate the issue on our end.

        1. is your iPhone running on the latest iOS 11? If so, the photos are saved as HEIC format by default. this format is currently not supported on Android phones, Windows PC and even earlier Mac computers.
          You can change the camera setting on iPhone to capture photos as JPG format, or convert the HEIC to JPG on iPhone, or use a HEIC editor/converter on Android to open or convert them.

    1. firstly you need to tap Receive in Shareit on Android, this will start the hotspot on android, and disable any active wi-fi connect on the phone;
      secondly go to iphone Settings to connect iphone to the android hotspot;
      finally tap Send in Shareit on iPhone, select files, tap OK, you will be taken to the Click the avatar to send screen where you can find the avatar of your android phone and send the selected files to it.

  1. Hi! How do I save a file I search In google to shareit? My classmates, using their android phones, are able to search in google Fides et Ratio, then share it with the class

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