Send videos from LG phone to iPhone using Shareit

If you’re an Android user looking for a way to quickly share some video clips or movies with iPhone or iPad users, SHAREit file transfer app, could be your best choice. It can transfer files and documents from Android to iOS, or from iOS to Android, between two Android phones or iOS devices. Data transfer between mobile phones and computers is also supported. You have the freedom to choose any or all music, photos, videos, contacts, apps and other files to share. Data can be copied over from one phone to another wirelessly through Wi-Fi or hotspot at blazing fast speed.

Here’s how to move videos from an Android mobile phone to an iPhone using this free file transfer app. We’ll use an Android powered LG mobile phone in the demo. The same tool and procedure works with other major Android phones and tablets, such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Nexus, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, etc.

Send videos from LG phone to iPhone using Shareit

Run the file transfer app on iPhone tap Receive button from its home screen to put your iPhone into file receiving mode.

shareit app for iphone

Launch the same file sharing app on LG phone, tap Send from its home screen, the file selection screen opens where you can switch to the Videos tab and choose the videos and movies. Touch the Send button at the bottom after you’ve selected the video files.

select files to send from shareit on android phone

Now it’s time to select the target device that you want to share the video files with. Tap the avatar of your iPhone, the videos will be copied over from LG phone to iPhone through Wi-Fi.

shareit for android to connect other device, phones, computers

The video transfer between LG and iPhone should be very fast. In this demo, we sent 3 videos around 300MB in only 6 minutes over Wi-Fi.

Can’t find or connect the other phone?

Make sure both LG and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or you can follow instructions below to connect both phones and transfer data between them via Hotspot.

Share files between Android and iPhone via Hotspot

Want to share files on the go when there is no Wi-Fi network available to you? Other than Wi-Fi data transfer, you can also choose to send videos and other files through your personal hotspot, also known as portable hotspot, mobile hotspot.

On the “Tap avatar to connect” screen on your LG phone, you should find two options at the bottom: Connect to iOS/WP and Connect PC. Choose the former, you’ll see the detailed instructions to enable hotspot on LG phone, then connect iPhone to the hotspot and finally select files on LG phone and send to iPhone through Wi-Fi hotspot.

Send files from iPhone to Android

Once the two devices are connected together via Wi-Fi or hotspot, you can select files on one device and send to the other. You can also refer to this tutorial to wirelessly send photos, videos from iPhone to Android for more details.

If you need to transfer photos from iPhone to an Android phone, you may encounter image format incompatibility issues as new iOS versions or iPhone models will save photos as HEIC format which is not currently compatible with many Android phones. And this free file transfer tool does not support the image conversion to JPG or other format at the time of writing this article. In you run into this problem, you can follow this guide to send HEIC photos as JPG from iPhone using another free file transfer app.

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