Set default web browser for Gmail on iPhone

If you are a Gmail user trying to open links in an email messges, you will be prompted to choose a web browser to open the web pages or links, Safari or Chrome. If you don’t have Chrome installed, don’t want to see the browser selection dialog each time you open links in Gmail, you can set Safari as the default web browser for Gmail on your iPhone. Or if you are a Chrome users as well, you can use it as the default web browser to open all links in Gmail. There are two ways to achieve that.

Set Safari or Chrome as default web browser in Gmail

Open an email with the link you like to open in Gmail. Tap on the link, the Open with dialog pops up. Disable the option ‘Ask me which app to use every time‘ at the bottom. then tap on Open button next to Chrome, Google or Safari app. Gmail will open the link with the selected browser and/or app and it will remember your choice in the future. So you can tap a link and open it with the same browser from now on until you change the default web browser again.

How to make Inbox or Gmail open links in Safari instead of Chrome on iPhone? Have you changed your mind and decided to use the other web brower? You can change it from Gmail settings. Touch to open the Gmail side menu from the upper left corner. Choose Settings > Default apps > Open Browser In. Here you can turn on or off the ‘Ask me which app to use every time‘ option, set Chrome, Google or Safari as the default web browser for links in Gmail on your iPhone.

set default apps in gmail for iphone
set default apps in Gmail

Open links in minimized or full browser

Even after you have set Safari or Chrome as the default web browser, you will find that links are to be opened with the minimized web browser. You can’t access all features that can be found in the full web browser window. For example, you can’t access your Safari bookmarks, open extra browser taps. If you want to do that, you need to touch the Safari icon at the bottom right corner to open the link in regular Safari browser window.

One of the benefits of mini browser window is that, you can simply tap on the Done button after you have finished reading the opened page to quickly return to the opened email in Gmail.

Can I use a third-party web browser in Gmail?

No. Google doesn’t like that. You can use either Safari or Chrome to open links from your Gmail messages. You can’t use Edge, Firefox, or any other third-party apps to open links in your emails.

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  1. Gmail Frustration

    This is not working. Links always end up opening in the Gmail app, and if I am filling out an application, or working through any article, as soon as I exit this, it delete all the information. I have looked through Settings and cannot find a way to change it to open in the Chrome application instead of Gmail when I press the link within an email.

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