Set up Ad Hoc wireless network on Mac

We have seen many apps make use of the local Wi-Fi network to transfer files between computer and mobile phone, such as Scanner Pro, FileMaster, Documents, Voice Recorder HD, etc. Check out following tutorial to transfer files between Android and iPhone over WiFi using FileMaster, see how Voice Recorder HD to share voice recordings over Wi-Fi, just to name a few.

Sometimes however you may not be able to connect your phone or computer to a Wi-Fi network. In such case, you can make use of the personal hotspot on iPhone to create a Wi-fi hotspot to mediate the connections between your iPhone and Mac or other devices. We have explained how iPhone users can set up mobile hotspot in this guide to share your iPhone’s mobile data or internet connection with other devices.

Except that, we can also choose to create Ad Hoc wireless network on our PC or Mac computer, then connect our mobile phone to the wireless network for file transfer. An ad hoc, computer-to-computer network doesn’t rely on a router, local server, or the Internet. Today, we will show you how to do it on Mac.

To create ad hoc wireless network on Mac, follow these steps.

Click the Wi-Fi status icon on the menu bar. You will see a drop-down list of all available Wi-Fi networks nearby. Below this list, you will find three options: Join other network, Create network, Open network preferences. Choose Create Network from the pulldown menu. You will see the pop-up dialog to create a computer-to-computer network.

Enter the name of the network you want to create in the dialog box that opens. Channel 11 is selected by default. Generally speaking, you don’t need to change the chancel unless it overlaps other channels. Click Create button to create the ad hoc wireless network on Mac. Your Mac will be connected to this newly created ad hoc wifi network automatically. Meanwhile you will find the wireless signal icon on the menu bar changes in appearance to show you that you are connected to a computer-to-computer network other than regular Wi-Fi network.

Connect iPhone to Mac ad hoc wireless network

On your iPhone or other devices, you can connect to Mac ad hoc wireless network the same way you connect to other Wi-Fi networks. On iPhone, open Settings, tap on Wi-Fi, scroll down to the bottom of the Wi-Fi Network list, you can find your Mac Ad hoc network in the Devices section. Tap on it to connect.

Once you no longer need to use the Ad hoc network you created on Mac, click on the wireless signal icon from top menu bar and select Disconnect from Current Network or simply Turn Wi-Fi Off. On other devices, simple turn off Wi-Fi to disconnect them from Mac Ad Hoc Wifi network.

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