105 thoughts on “Setup Hotmail Email Account on iPad”

  1. I try to delete mail I do t want and it won’t go to trash. I have hotmail and I get mail but can’t delete it or send it to trash…please help me. It was working then a week ago it stop. Thank,you

    1. several days ago, there was some unknown issue about Hotmail sync to mobile devices which may cause the problem you mentioned. Is your hotmail working now?

  2. my lg v20 says cannot connect to Hotmail server due to overload or checkup. was working fine yesterday. deleted account and tried to add it but that keeps coming up

  3. I just added hotmail account on my Ipad air, using Outlook account.
    My credentials are verified, email is set up, but no messages appear.
    What do I need to do?

    1. you can try to send an email from this email address to other email account see if the email can go through. If you the other email account can receive it, try to reply this email from the other account, see also the incoming email can be delivered to your Inbox on iPad.

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