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  1. When trying to set up my hotmail account on my new ipad it makes me get the outlook app. I
    How can i avoid this??

  2. How can I delete all my junk/clutter from my microsoft outlook email account on ipad4 ?I also dont understand the link between outlook and hotmail,I have both accounts on my ipad and messages go to both of them but my hotmail seems to be the default email.

  3. Hi

    I’ve got a new iPad and although I’ve set everything up correctly I’m having some issues.

    If I read a mail on my iPhone it still shows as unread on iPad even after several hours it’s the same

    1. Does the issue persist? If so, you may need to check whether the email account is configured on IMAP or POP protocol on the device. For example, you can send a test email to this email account, then go to receive and open this email on iPhone. After that go to access this email account on a computer using a web browser, see if the email has been marked as Read or not. Use the same method to test the email account on iPad. If email on iPhone get synced with mail server, not on iPad, then it should be a problem with the email settings on iPad.

  4. Hi, I have an outlook on a new iPad Pro, everything works but sending a reply? I’ve looked online for days but nothing that really makes much sense, says Sever failed when I try. Help please.

    Additional info: *gmail was main account wen iPad was activated, but I did change which was main*

    1. when you reply an email, the message should be sent from the email account through which you received the email, it does not have to be the main or default email account on your iPad. do you get any error with your Outlook or Gmail account?

  5. I have tried putting hotmail on my ipad through outlook and it says password or email incorrect but I can get it from my pc computer. I changed passwords, I do not have 2 step verification on either. When I go in to outlook it does not show the server, where as gmail does so I cannot see if it is correct. I am lost please help thanks Glenda

    1. couple of days ago, there was some unknown issue about Hotmail sync to mobile devices, this issue had been fixed already. Is your hotmail account working on iPad now?

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