Setup Yahoo Mail on iPhone

Want to send and receive emails using your Yahoo mail account on iPhone? You do not need to download a separate app for that. The stock Mail app for iOS can help you connect to your Yahoo mail account, keep your data synced, check emails and more. In this article, we will show you how to setup Yahoo mail account on iPhone which is running at the latest iOS 11. If you are running an earlier iOS version, you may see some difference in appearance. There are mainly two ways you can add an email account to the Mail app on your iOS device, the automatic or manual setup. We will focus on the automatic method in this article. See how to configure your Yahoo mail account on iPhone below.

How to Setup Yahoo Mail on iPhone?

Open Settings on your iPhone, choose Accounts & Passwords see below screenshot.

iphone settings accounts & passwords

You will see a list of all existing accounts on your iPhone.

iphone accounts settings

From the bottom of your accounts, tap on Add Account. You will see various account types or service providers, such as iCloud, Exchange, Google, Yahoo, AOL,Outlook, and others.

add new account to iphone

Choose Yahoo, your email service provider. Then enter the full yahoo mail address or user name.

enter yahoo mail address on iphone

Type in the password for your Yahoo mail account in the next screen.

enter yahoo mail password on iphone

The Mail app will verify your account username and password. You will see the items you can sync from Yahoo mail server to iPhone once you pass the authentication step above.

sync yahoo mail, contacts, calendars, reminders, notes to iphone

By default your Yahoo mail, calendars, contacts, reminders will be synced from Yahoo to iPhone. You can disable any items. Optionally you can turn on the notes option to keep your notes synced between your Yahoo account and iPhone. Once you finished setting up Yahoo mail account on iPhone from the Settings. the Mail app will start fetching data from Yahoo mail server. You can then check emails from your Yahoo account on iPhone.

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  1. I am fed up with trying to update my yahoo account. I follow instructions to update my iPad and iPhone and it always appear to go in circles. I must have entered my details 15 times or more. My. iPad has ios15. Kindly explain how I update my mail account.

  2. This article solved my problems with yahoo mail and contacts. This method works much better than yahoo app. Thanks

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