Share files between computer and iPhone

iOS 13 brings us a more powerful Files app. In an earlier post, we introduced its document scanning feature. See this guide to scan documents using Files on iPhone iPad without need for a third-party app. Today, we will introduce another excellent feature, SMB file sharing.

SMB is an intermediary protocol mainly used for providing shared access to files and devices in a network. Both Windows and Mac support SMB file sharing. For example, you can refer to this guide to connect iPhone to Windows PC via SMB file sharing using a third-party file explorer app for iOS and these steps to share files between Mac and iPhone iPad via SMB. But now you can just use the stock Files app on your iPhone or iPad without paying for a third-party app.

Enable SMB file sharing on computer

On Windows PC, go to the Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center >> Change advanced sharing settings, then turn on the file sharing on your PC from there.

On Mac, go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Sharing > File Sharing to enable and set up the file sharing over SMB protocol.

Connect SMB file server from iPhone iPad

The Files app on iOS 13 makes it a cinch to connect to a file server using the SMB protocol.

Open Files app on your iPhone or iPad, switch to the Browse tab from the bottom. Tap the Menu button(“…”) to the top-right, you will see a menu at the lower section with options to Scan Documents and Connect to Server.

iphone files app browse menu

Tap Connect to Server, then type in your SMB server IP, the local IP address of your Windows computer or Mac. Tap Connect. Choose Registered User, type in your computer username and its password. Tap Next and follow on-screen tips to access your SMB file server on computer

iphone files app to connect to server

After that you can access the shared folder on your computer using Files app. And you will be able to copy files between your iPhone or other locations and your computer.

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