Share files between iPhone and Windows 11

There are so many file transfer apps and methods you can choose when you need to transfer files, such as photos and videos, from your iPhone to Windows 11 PC or the other way around. For example, you can refer to following step-by-step guide with screenshots to transfer files between iPhone and computer using Xender, a free, easy-to-use, cross platform file transfer and sharing solution between Android, iOS, PC and Mac. Except Xender, you can also choose Zapya, Shareit, Landrop and so on. Today, we are not going to recommend another file sharing or transfer app. We will use only the stock Files app on iPhone to copy files and documents from a Windows 11 computer to iPhone storage, and download your personal files, such as those photos and videos, from iPhone to the PC wirelessly. Of course, you will need access to Wi-Fi network for the wireless file sharing. It may not be very easy to setup for some users, but once you have configured it properly, you may never want to go back to previous file sharing apps or solutions.

Step 1. Connect iPhone and Windows PC to the same Wi-Fi

As we mentioned above, both iPhone and computer have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi for the wireless file sharing. Files and data will be copied over through Wi-Fi.

Step 2. Enable file sharing on Windows 11

To share files and folders on a Windows 11 PC with other computers or devices on the same network, you need to turn on the Network discovery and File sharing from the system settings or from the Windows File Explorer. Open the File Explorer on your Windows PC, you will see the navigation panel on the left hand side. Scroll down to the bottom to find Network.

windows 11 file explorer network

Click on Network to see if any other devices or computers can be found here. If you are prompted to turn on network discovery, click on the link and follow on-screen tips to enable it. You will also have the option to configure File Sharing on the same place.

turn on network discovery and file sharing from Windows File Explorer

After that, you may be prompted to choose a network profile depending on your current configuration. Usually you should choose No, make the network that I am connected to a private network.

Step 3. Share files & folders on Windows 11

Like previous Windows OS, Windows 11 has some Public folders in the Windows operating system that can be used to share files with other people using the same computer or using other computers on a shared network. Normally the location is “C:\Users\Public.” You can make use of them as the shared location or folder for file sharing between iPhone and computer.

You can also create any other folder on your Windows computer, then share this folder from its Properties. Here’s how to do it. Open File Explorer on Windows 11, browse to the folder you like to share with iPhone. Right-click the folder and select the Properties option from the context menu. The Properties opens in a new dialog. Switch from General to the Sharing tab. Click Share…, then add the Everyone user/group and grant it the Read/Write permission so you can view, open, modify, and delete the content on the folder you are sharing from iPhone or other network devices. Continue to complete the steps to share the folder.

Read-only vs full control access

If you ran into permission denied issues, or you find yourself can only view and download files shared on PC from iPhone, but not able to upload files from iPhone to computer, you need to grant the Everyone user/group the full control other than read-only access.

Go back to the Properties > Sharing > Advanced Sharing. Then check the Share this folder option, click Permissions and enable the Full Control permission for Everyone.

Copy files that you like to share from Windows 11 to the shared folder.

Step 4. Access shared folder & files from iPhone

Launch the Files app on iPhone. It is the default file explorer or manager for iOS. You don’t need to download extra file manager or app.

Tap the menu (three dots in a circle icon) from the top right corner, select Connect to Server from the drop-down menu. See below screenshot.

iphone files app - connect to server

The Connect to Server screen opens, type in your PC IP address in the Server box. Don’t know your local computer IP? There are various ways to find your local IP address in Windows 11.

Open the Settings in Windows 11, choose Network & Internet from the left panel, your current active Wi-Fi network shows on the right. Click on the Properties button to view details of your Wi-fi network. The IPv4 address is the local IP address of your PC.

Once you entered the computer IP address on iPhone, tap on Connect button at the top right corner. See below screenshot.

iphone files app - connect to server - type in server IP

Choose Registered User, then input your PC login user and password on iPhone, tap on Next. You can then access shared files and folder on PC from iPhone using the stock Files app.

iphone files app - connect to server - input username and password

Step 5. Share files between Windows 11 and iPhone

Once you opened the shared folder on PC using the Files app on iPhone, you can select files, then copy & paste them to other location or folders on your iPhone storage.

In the Files app, browse to On My iPhone to find files you like to transfer, copy and paste them from iPhone to the shared folder on Windows PC.

If you like to download those photos, videos captured using the camera on your iPhone, open the Photos app, find and select the media files, choose Share > Save to Files, you can then choose the Windows computer and shared folders on it, finally tap on the Save button on the top right corner to send a copy of the selected videos or photos from iPhone to your PC.

transfer files, photos, videos, documents from iphone to windows 11 computer wirelessly using Files app

2 thoughts on “Share files between iPhone and Windows 11”

  1. Hi, unfortunately more info in step 4 is needed.
    When I’m setting the Connect to Server in the Files app in iOS 16, what “PC login user” I have to input in Name field? I tried different names: Windows, Microsoft account names and PC name, but each time I get “You entered an invalid username or password for the server.” Where I can check my “PC login user” on Windows?

    1. There are different ways to find your username in Windows. Once you start your computer, you’ll see your username appear on top of the password box. normally we only need to enter its password to log on our PC because the Windows remembers the username so we don’t have to manually type in the username. And that’s probably the reason many people don’t remember their PC username.

      Other than that, you can also find PC name following these steps.

      #1. click on the Windows Start menu, your PC username will appear at the bottom left corner.
      #2. go to Windows Settings > Accounts > Your info.
      #3. press Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination, choose Task Manager. In the task manager, there is a tab called users from where you can find your username.

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