Share files between PC and iPhone over your network

It is common to copy files around our mobile phones and computers. For example, you may record a video on the phone, then send it to your computer and finish the video footage with a professional video editor, such as Adobe Premiere. Transferring files between iOS device and Mac is a simple process since Apple has the AirDrop feature built in all Apple devices. Not everyone knows how to share files between a Windows PC and iOS device though. In this guide, we will show you how to quickly transfer files from a Windows 10 PC to iPhone, iPad or the other way around.

Step 1. Share files and folders on Windows computer

It is very simple to share files and folders in Windows. Just open the File Explorer on your PC, locate the folder you wish to share across the network. Right click on it, choose Properties. Switch to the Sharing tab in the Properties window opens.Click Share button to share a folder and configure its permissions.Windows will take a moment to set up your new shared folder and it’ll be accessible from other devices on the same local network. 

Windows 10 share files, folders over network from file explorer
Windows 10 share files, folders over network from file explorer

Step 2. Connect iPhone to Windows file sharing server

Once the files and folders have been shared on your Windows PC, you can access them from iPhone using a network file browser, such as this iPhone iPad file explorer app.

It can automatically detect your Windows PC in the same network, you can then manually type in your computer username and password to connect iPhone to Windows file sharing server.

connect iphone to windows computer using fileexplorer app

You can list, open, video or play files saved on your PC right from your iPhone using this file explorer app. You can play the music and movies shared from your PC without the need to copying them over to your iPhone first. The file explorer app support even those audio and video formats and files that can’t be synced or transferred over. No conversion needed.

If like, you can also copy files from Windows to iPhone or from iPhone to PC over Wi-Fi. It is extremely fast.

Stream music, movies from PC to iPhone

Except the above file explorer, you can also choose a media player to connect your Windows computer and play shared music and videos directly. VLC, PlayerXtreme, Nplayer are just some of the media players can help you connect and play media files from network devices.

PIayerXtreme access, play media files on network devices

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