Share files between iPhone and PC wirelessly with Zapya

If you are looking for a way to share files between iOS device and Mac, we recommend AirDrop. This is a built-in feature in both Mac OS and iOS. You can use it to transfer files from Mac to iPhone or iPad, or the other way around. It is free and no app installation required. If you use an iPhone and a Windows PC however, you will need to use a third-party file transfer app, such as SHAREit, Zapya, Xender, etc. They are all free, cross-platform file transfer tools. In this guide, we will use Zapya file sharing app to show you how to download your photos, videos, music and other files from iPhone to PC or upload files and documents from PC to iPhone wirelessly. Go to download the transfer app and its companion app for Windows from previous linked page before we get started.

Wi-Fi vs Hotspot file transfer

Zapya support both Wi-fi and Hotspot data transfer. Connect both iPhone and PC to the same Wi-Fi network if any, then copy files around them through Wi-Fi. It is the simplest way to share files between iPhone and Windows computer using Zapya. If no Wi-Fi network or Wi-Fi transfer failed, enable the Hotspot in Zapya for Windows on your computer, connect your iPhone to the Windows hotspot, then exchange files over Wi-fi hotspot.

Send photos & videos from iPhone to PC

Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Some public Wi-Fi networks may prevent communication between devices in the local network for security concern.

Run Zapya on both iPhone and the Windows computer. The Photo tab opens automatically in Zapya for iOS. Open your photo album, find and tap to select the photos you want to share with PC.

Zapya File Transfer iPhone

Touch the Send button at the bottom, you will be taken to the Radar scan screen where you can click the Avatar of your PC to connect. Tap the name of your computer, the selected pictures will be sent from iPhone to PC over Wi-Fi instantly. The Records tab opens in Zapya on Windows computer, you can click the Open Folder icon to find all received photos in Windows File Explorer.

iphone connect Windows PC via Zapya Radar

Downloading videos, music and other files from iPhone to PC involves the same procedure.

Transfer files from PC to iPhone

Again make sure your iPhone and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Click Join Group in the Connect tab of the Zapya for Windows.

Zapya file sharing for Windows

The file sharing app will automatically find all devices in the same Wi-Fi network. Click the Connect button to establish wireless connection between your iPhone and computer. You will then see a screen like this.

send files from Windows pc to iphone through Wi-fi using Zapya app

Click Send File button to browse to the location and folder to choose files and upload them from computer to iPhone through Wi-Fi. Alternatively you can simply drag and drop files from Windows File Explorer to the file sharing app to copy them over.

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