Quickly share notes, text, links across multiple devices

note.ms is a free online public note service. It is the best tool when you need to share text, notes, links with others, access your notes from multiple devices of your own. It is private and anonymous. You don’t need an account to create your notes online and access them anywhere with internet access. Every note is public. But you must know the title to see the note. You are free to modify any note you find.

Create note and share online

Just visit the note.ms website from your phone or computer, any Android smart phone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, Mac. You will see an empty note where you can start to type or copy & paste text, links to it. Forward this unique link to your note to anyone you like to share with. They can directly access, edit this online note you created. The random link is something like https://note.ms/xxxx. It is easy to remember, you only need to remember the last four random letters in the URL address. You can even create your own link with your name, brand name, company name, etc. For example, you can directly type in note.ms/yourownname in your browser address bar and visit to create a new note with your own name, such as mike, jordan, rose, as long as the name is not taken.

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