Share Photos Videos Music and more Files between iPhone and iPad over WiFi for FREE

File and data transfer from/to iPhone or iPad is difficult, such as data transfer from iOS to computer, computer to iOS or from iOS device to iOS device. iTunes sync is problematic. Beginners should avoid it if you can’t afford data loss on iPhone or iPad. We recommend you to use third party iOS data transfer software. In the previous guide we showed how you can transfer photos, videos, music and other files between iPhone and computer via Wi-Fi. You can refer to this link if interested. It offers a wireless file transfer solution for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. You do not need the USB data cable, or a cloud hosting service in the middle. You can simply connect up both devices to the same wi-fi network, then run a free iOS app to download files from iPhone to PC/Mac or upload files from computer to iPhone over Wi-Fi. If you want to exchange files and documents between iPhone and iPhone, iPad and iPad, iPhone and iPad, you can simply download this file manager app first on to both iOS device and follow below steps to swap data between them.

Share Photos Videos Music & more Files between iPhone and iPad via WiFi

Run the iPhone iPad WiFi transfer app on both iOS devices you like to share data. In this demo, we will pick up a music file on iPhone and send it to iPad over wi-fi using this file manager app. Browse to any folders within the FileMaster app, long press to select it and get the file options, choose Send to >> WiFi. If your file is not in this app yet, you can easily import photos and videos from Camera Roll or Photo Album on iPhone and iPad. You can also use the Open-in feature to load many other files types from other apps into the FileMaster app. To transfer files between iPhone and iPad, you can choose Wi-fi, Bluetooth or Email. All these three ways can help you exchange between iOS devices wirelessly. Wi-Fi is recommended as the first option, it is stable and fast. It is because this file manager app will connect up your devices in the local network, so the wi-fi transfer actually happens in the same local network. Bluetooth on iPhone and iPad is an alternative solution, use it when there is not wi-fi network available. Email transfer requires you to have email account configured on your iPhone or iPad. FYI, you can refer to this guide to setup Hotmail on iPad, or this tutorial to configure Hotmail account on iPhone.

send files from iphone using filemaster
In this demo, we will choose Wi-Fi transfer. After that your iPhone will search for other devices which also have this FileMaster app installed and running. Choose the iPhone or iPad you like to send your files to, then press Send button
send files between ios devices wirelessly using filemaster
Now the target iPhone or iPad will get a notification above the file sending from your iPhone. Once the recipient confirmed to receive or save your files, you can see it in the Transfer Tasks screen like below. In this demo, we have selected a MP3 song on iPhone and sent it to iPad through Wi-Fi using this app. It is the same to send other files, such as videos, movies, documents (txt, doc, pdf, epub, ppt, docx, xslx, …) send music from iphone to ipad over wifi using filemaster

On the receiving iOS device, the files will be saved to a selected folder in the FileMaster app by default. If you like you can save the photos and videos received to your Camera Roll or photo album, open other files with other compatible apps on your iPhone or iPad. If you like to other data types like contacts, SMS messages, call logs, calendars, we recommend this more powerful mobile phone data transfer program.

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