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Photo Vault, also known as Shareit Vault, is a free video and photo lock app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. Imagine that you have some private photos and videos on iPhone and you need to allow others the access to your phone, this file lock app comes to help.

Completely FREE security app

This is the only photo lock app that won’t make you upgrade to some premium membership.

Fake password

You can set a decoy password for snoopers or visitors

Hide photos, videos and voice recordings

Protect your private photos, videos, support private recording

Light and fast

Only 4.4MB, very fast data security app

how to

download the app

Unlike other private photo and video apps, this one is tiny, fast, safe and best of all, totally free without Ads. The current version 1.0.4 is only 4.4 MB in size. It is extremely easy to use. Run Photo Vault app on iPhone, you will need to set a passcode at first and you have the option to change it any time later from its settings. Choose a 4-digit numeric password. After that you need to select a encrypted problem and answer. This is for passcode recovery. If you forget your passcode to unlock the Photo Vault app in the future, you can reset it by answering the security question. To protect any sensitive images, pictures, videos and movies, tap the Add icon in the Photo Vault app, then access your Camera Roll and photo albums to find and import media files to the private file lock app. After that go to delete them from your Camera Roll and their original photo albums on iPhone. So friends, family, kids or others can’t find them in your Camera Roll or Photos app. When they try to launch the Photo Vault app, they will need the password to unlock it.

shareit vault app - free photo video locker for iphone

You can even set a visitor passcode which allows others to unlock the Photo Vault app, but will not display any protected photos, videos and other files in the app. What’s more others can even add new photos, videos to the file protection app and delete them from the app, so they will not notice the app is in the guest mode at all. And of course, when you log in the app using your real password or master password, you can’t see other files added by visitors, so you do not need to worry about other people will mess up your existing photos and videos.

All your photos stored in Private Photo Vault are 100% private as they are only stored on your device and are never uploaded to the internet or cloud storage.

New features

Audio recording and protection has been added in a recent update. Now you can use this security app to record private audios and sounds and lock them with passcode.

We are also expecting more features to be added in the future, such as notes locker, adding folders, wireless file transfer to another iPhone iPad or PC, or receive files from another iPhone iPad or PC. In fact, the developer also designed the Shareit app which is one of the most popular file transfer app for iOS, Android, Windows phone, PC and Mac. So they can easily integrate the wireless file transfer into the private files locker app. See how to send photos & videos from iPhone to Android using Shareit, just as an example.

User Reviews

1— Add notes locker

2— Add folder ( All photos, screenshota..etc )

3— Add wifi to send photos to another iPhone or PC

And also please add Select all button to save or share all photos and videos in one click.

The best app better than Google photo

Can’t categorize the saved photos, no albums, cant organize the saved photos.

Needs improvements

I transferred a photo and video file to this app. Unlike other apps, this one appears to make use of local storage rather than cloud storage. 80 your data stays on your device. On moving the file, you are given the option to delete the original or not. Multiple files can be selected. Flies can be viewed and played from within the app, and there is a share/action button within the app. It also has a “guest mode”; depending on which security code you enter the app will display different content, kind of a nice additional privacy feature. The app does not seem to support Touch ID. This is based on some quick tests.

Worked great in basic tests

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