Sharing text between your Mac and iPhone

Sometimes you have something on your iPhone that you need on your Mac or the other way around. For example, you may want to share a website link from Mac to iPhone or iPhone to Mac. There are several solutions you can choose from but unfortunately there is no perfect solution. In this tutorial I will show you how to quickly and easily transfer text messages, links, notes, URLs, clipboard from your Mac to iPhone or vice versa using, a web-based application for taking notes. You can take your notes and share with others people. It is completely free to use and you don’t even need to sign up an account in order to use this online service.

Access website using a web browser on your iPhone or Mac, a random and unique URL will be generated in the address bar. Type on the blank page, or copy and paste any text, messages, links, URL addresses to it. Then forward this unique URL to any other people you like to share with or access this URL from other devices of your own.

Instead of using a random URL generated by the server, you can even create your own link. For example, you can directly type in in your browser address bar to create a new note with your own name, as long as the provided name is not taken.

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