Show and change file extension on iPhone iPad

A full name of a file consists of its name and extension. File extension is a very important part of the file name. Sometimes without the file extension you have no idea what the file is. It is not easy to show file extensions on iOS devices. There are several file manager apps to display filename extensions. In this article, I’ll show you how to view file extension using the native Files app which is shipped with iOS 11 and later. I will also share with you a third-party file manager for iOS which allows us to display and edit file extension on iPhone iPad. For example, you can use it to change .png to .jpg extension.

View file extension in Files app on iPhone

Firstly you can make use of the share feature to save the file to the Files app if not yet. Once a file being added to Files app, long press on the file until its file name disappears, then release your finger, you will then see a menu bar pops up with options such as Copy, Duplicate, Rename, Move, Delete, Share, Tag, Info. Use the left or right arrow to find more options. Choose Info from the menu, the file details will be displayed in a full screen like below.

view file info in files app on iphone

From the file info screen, you can find the full file name with extension, file type, size, storage location, created date and time, modified date and time, tags, etc.

Change file extension on iPhone

The stock Files app on iPhone can help us view file extension, it however does not allow us to edit file extensions. You need to download third-party file manager app for this. File Master is a great one. It is free and powerful. Find out more details about this file manager for iPhone here.

Download this free file manager app onto your iPhone. Use the share feature to copy the file from its original app to the File Master app. Long press on the file in the file manager app to show the context menu and choose Rename, you can then change the file name and/or its file extension. See below figure.

rename files in filemaster app on iphone

8 thoughts on “Show and change file extension on iPhone iPad”

      1. That’s how I did it as well and it worked. Thanks for posting your response because otherwise I may not have even given the app a try. It worked perfect for my needs. Thanks!

  1. Why can’t ANYONE ANYWHERE address the IOS problem of file association when attempting to upload files within a browser. When attempting to choose files, the iPad opens inside camera with no options. Period. I would like to change the choose file default association to the files app. It is so unbelievable that I cannot find any answers to this problem!

    1. Mac “Apple” OS/IOS and CONTROL

      When it comes to “phones”, lack of control over my own mobile device is my greatest frustration with my iphones. Having to use iTunes, no file extensions etc.

      When I first started training in multimedia many, many years ago (just when OSX was first released to the world) Mac had a huge advantage in terms of stability and reliability. My Macs never crashed. I have had a (healthy – a machine that was less than 10 years old) Mac crash on me maybe once or twice in my life. PCs crashed all the time… brand new!

      What I also loved about Mac was the fact that shortcuts were built in for EVERY single function of the computer. Not just in applications, but the OS. Everything from opening new windows to opening programs to emptying the trash and shutting down etc could be controlled with keyboard shortcuts. In fact, one could do almost everything and almost never need to waste time moving a mouse through menus. Microsoft never got close to that.


      Control is my biggest disappointment with Mac mobile (iOS) devices today.
      I like to know what file type I have in my mobile device for a variety of reasons. I also furiously resent not being able to treat my iPhone like a computer and have that level of control. Transferring information is a nightmare from and to IOS.

      All technologies manufacturers love to give us advertising and marketing fluff about “endless possibilities” and “bringing dreams to life”, “your imagination is your only limit” blah, blah, blah! Marketing crap! You can just hear the music, can’t you. Pianos and harps and see images of lots of white with blue skies in your head. As if we’ve died and gone to silicon heaven or something! Bollocks!

      The civilian technologies industries’ – especially mobile devices – dreams come true is limiting our control over our devices and imagination, so they have control over more content to sell to us. Because it’s about their dreams of making more money. Not dreams. And precious memories. We have that technology already. It’s called the human brain.

      The least they can do is offer us the option of file extensions. The good old “dot.three” convention gives us too much control for their liking. And it doesn’t look as pretty. However, they are trying to make people forget that form follows function.

      MAC OSX revolutionised function and form. iOS is the arrogant, mutation, bastard seed of that revolutionary change. And Microsoft has tried to emulate it (ironic since the only reason one ever wanted to put a Microsoft emulator in their Mac was to play games – the only place Apple fell short and missed out) since Microsoft realised it couldn’t compete in originality.

      Now even Microsoft executables are being called apps, but app is just the file extension for Mac OS system files; applications. And anyone who now uses a computer calls any program an app, even if it is on a non-Apple/Mac machine.

  2. Avoid this disappointing app.
    I went to the trouble of installing it and trying every control it showed to find a file, already on my iPad, in order to change its extension from txt to pgn. Apple won’t allow users to do this simple, simple, but necessary task.

    This app would not display any files already on my iPad. Seems like STEP-1 !
    Failing this first step mw]eans all of the rest of its capabilities are for naught, and the enterprise is therefore a FAIL.

    I wish it weren’t so. Apple is at the root of the problem, refusing access to a task that is basic and assumed with any other OS — not possiblewith ipadOS. Why? Such excessive overcontrol of users…ot creates a community that is unable to change, or probably comprehend, a file’s extension. That’s just mean, especially with such expensive devices….

  3. You can’t use iPhone to rename or change the file type. Only rename the file in general. iPad may be different but currently you cannot change file types using the files app on iPhone pro latest ios

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