Stitch photos or screenshots on iPhone

You may have take several screenshots of conversations, emails, web pages on iPhone and want to share with others. Instead of sending multiple image files one by one, you may join them together into a single one. In this quick guide we are going to show you an easy way to stitch photos or screenshots together on iPhone using the Picsew screenshot stitching app. To get started, Install the app from the previous link first.

Join photos, screenshots together on iPhone

Run the screenshot app on iPhone. Grant it the permission to access your Photo Library where your screenshots are saved on iPhone. Preview and select the photos or screenshots you like to combine. Then select the merge mode: scrollshot, vertical or horizontal.

stitch photos, screenshots on iPhone using Picsew app
stitch photos, screenshots on iPhone using Picsew app

Scrollshot is to join screenshots of scrolling window, web page, conversations, or other content that can be scrolled on iPhone. The automatic stitching will help you overlap those duplicated parts instantly. You will also have the option to edit the screenshot, adjust the border, cut off overlaps between two adjacent photos or screenshots. Add watermark, add phone frame, add frame to your picture or screenshot.

edit web page snapshot, scrollshot, merged screenshots on iphone using picsew
merge and edit screenshots

Finally tap the Save button at the top right corner to save the merged screenshots or pictures to your Camera Roll as a single screenshot or image.

Capture long web pages on iPhone

If it was a very long web page you like to take a screenshot of, you can follow this guide to capture full web page screenshot in one tap instead of taking multiple screenshots and joining them together on iPhone.

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