Stream any audio from computer to iPhone iPad

Searching for a way to stream music or any sound from Mac or PC to iPhone? If you have iTunes installed on your computer, you can turn on Home Sharing in iTunes so you can access your music and videos in iTunes library from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. No syncing required. See more details from this guide to stream music and videos from computer to iPhone iPad via iTunes. iTunes however can only stream songs in the iTunes library. You can’t stream other music or audios, like game sound, system audio, YouTube music, Spotify, Pandora, to your iPhone iPad using iTunes. The Airfoil app picks up where iTunes left off. It turns your iOS device into an audio receiver so you can send any audio from your Mac or PC to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch wirelessly.

Steps to stream music from Mac to iPhone iPad using Airfoil

Download ‘Airfoil Satellite’ in App Store on to you iOS device. It is a companion for Airfoil desktop version on your PC/Mac.

Download and install its desktop version from Rogue Amoeba Software website.

Unfortunately Airfoil for Windows was retired. Now you can only get Airfoil for Mac to turn your Mac into an AirPlay sender for music streaming.

airfoil on windows pc

Connect both iOS device and computer to the same Wi-Fi network. Then run Airfoil Satellite and Airfoil separately. In Airfoil for desktop, choose audio source, then click the sound icon besides your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to start stream audio from Windows or Mac computer to your iOS device. You can send system audio and virtually any app’s audio right to your iPhone/iPad/iPod over Wi-Fi.

Stream any sound from PC to Android

Using an Android powered smartphone or tablet? SoundWire is a great audio mirror app you can choose. This free audio streaming app can help you easily stream audio from PC to Android mobile.

Stream music and audio from iPhone iPad to computer

Can we use the same software to stream audios the other way around? Since AirPlay is built into the iPhone or iPad’s system, you can simply download Airfoil Satellite on your computer to turn it into a AirPlay receiver.

airfoil satellite for windows

The rest is very straightforward. Simply access the Control Center on your iPhone or iPad, choose AirPlay, select your computer from the device list to start streaming.

stream music, audio from iphone to windows pc via airplay in control center

Update Oct 2022: added the instructions to stream music from iphone, ipad to computer using Airfoil Satellite on computer.

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  1. You can use xyzSpeaker, it can make your iPad/iPhone/Android phone or tablet become computer’s speaker.

    Since the solution uses real-time hardware acceleration, there is no loss of network transmission compression distortion, so the biggest advantage is that there is no delay and lossless sound quality. It is suitable for occasions with high delay requirements such as playing games. Plug and play does not require software installation on the computer.

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