Stream music and audio from iPhone iPad to computer

AirPlay is Apple’s wireless streaming solution. It can help you easily stream audio, video, photo, device screen between computers, iOS devices, Apple TV, AirPlay-enabled speakers, AirPlay-enabled TVs, etc. For instance, you can follow this guide to stream photos, videos and music from iPhone iPad to TV via AirPlay. However, the AirPlay technology only allows you to stream content from iOS device to TV, not PC. What if you want to stream music or audios from iPhone, iPad to a computer? Airfoil Satellite is a third party AirPlay receiver software. In an earlier article, we demonstrated how you can stream any audio from computer to iPhone/iPad. In fact it can also help us send content the other way around. Check out more details as following.

First of all, download the AirPlay receiver software from this link. Choose the right version according to your computer OS, Windows, Mac or Linux. Install and run it on your computer, your computer will be setup as the AirPlay audio receiver instantly. Now connect your iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer. Then swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open Control Center on iPhone or iPad. You should see the AirPlay icon, tap on it, then select your computer from the AirPlay device list. Now go to play any music, podcasts, and videos on your device, the music or audio will be streamed from iPhone iPad to computer over Wi-Fi.

airfoil satellite for windows

Stream videos and movies from iPhone to PC

Like we mention above, AirPlay supports screen mirror between compatible devices. If you want to stream movies and videos from iPhone iPad to computer, you need to install an AirPlayer receiver software on computer so you can send everything on your iPhone’s or iPad’s display to your computer screen.

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  1. I’d also recommend trying ArkmMC app for streaming different files from your iPhone to different devices like mac, pc, tv, etc. works pretty good without any hitches.

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