Stream music and movies from Mac to iPhone iPad through SMB

How do I stream music and movies from my Mac to iPhone without copying them over? If you want to play videos and songs saved on your Mac using your iPhone or iPad, many online solutions may recommend you to transfer the media files over first, then play them locally on iOS device. In fact, if you only want to play some Mac movies and songs to iPhone iPad occasionally, you can simply enable file sharing on Mac, then connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac wirelessly, and play your music and videos on Mac from iPhone or iPad.

Step 1. Enable File Sharing on Mac

On Mac, click Apple menu from the top bar, choose System Preferences > Sharing > File Sharing. Click Options… button, select ‘Share files and folders using SMB‘. Select the user account that will be used to share files with other devices or users, enter the password for that user, then click OK, and Done.

turn on file sharing on Mac, macbook

Step 2. Access Mac SMB share from iPhone iPad

You need an app for accessing Mac file sharing or SMB share from an iPhone or iPad. We recommend this file explorer for iOS.

Run the iOS explorer app on your iPhone or iPad, tap the + Add button at the top right corner, you will see a list of all supported devices and connections.

file explorer pro to create new connections from iphone

Choose MacOS, your Mac should be found at the Network Neighborhood section at the bottom. Tap on your Mac name. Choose Registered User, then type in your Mac user and password to connect.

Step 3. stream music and videos from Mac to iPhone via SMB

Using the above file manager app you can browse to your file share or SMB server on Mac from iPhone or iPad through Wi-fi. Your Mac works like an external storage device attached to your iPhone. From the home screen of the file manager app on iPhone, tap to open your Mac below the Connections section. Browse to your Mac music library to play your Mac music to iPhone, access and play movies and videos saved on your Mac from iPhone.

If like you can directly copy files from iPhone to Mac or the other way around in blazing fast speed.

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