Stream music and videos from computer to iPhone iPad via iTunes

Ever had a song or movie kept on your desktop computer and wished you could play it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? iTunes has the Home Sharing feature which you can use to stream music, audios, videos and movies from Mac or PC to iOS devices. As long as your computer and the iOS device you want to stream media files to are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can easily share your favorite songs and videos between computer and iPhone/iPad without sync.

Audio streaming and mirroring alternative
Note iTunes home sharing restricts the content to your music and videos in iTunes library. There are many sources left off, such as online music, system audio, etc. Do not miss out this tutorial to send just any sound from computer to iPhone iPad.

Enable Home Sharing on Mac or PC

On your computer end, run the iTunes, sign in with your Apple ID from the Account menu in iTunes. Then choose File menu, select Home Sharing >> Turn on Home Sharing.

turn on home sharing in itunes on windows computer

Enable Home Sharing on iPhone iPad

On your iOS device, go to Settings >> Music or Videos. You can then find the Home Sharing section at the bottom of the Music or Videos tab. Use the same Apple ID to sign in your Home Sharing network.

Stream music and videos from computer to iPhone iPad

Open the Music app on iPhone or iPad. If you’re using an iPad, tap My Music, tap Artist to show the drop-down menu and choose Home Sharing from there. You will then see a Shared library, touch your computer’s shared library, your music on computer will then be imported to the Music app on iPhone/iPad.

Run the Videos app on iPhone or iPad, tap Shared, then choose your PC or Mac iTunes Library from there. After that you can find your iTunes videos and movies on your iOS device.

iTunes Home Sharing Tips

  • The computers need to be on and awake, and iTunes needs to be open.
  • All of your devices must be on the same home network.
  • Other than playing, sharing or streaming content from your computer’s iTunes library to other devices, you can also copy content between them. Shareit is a cross-platform free file transfer app. You can get the free file transfer for iPhone here. Other than that, you can refer to following guide tosend photos and videos from PC to iPhone over Wi-Fi without iTunes using an easy-to-use app for FREE.

3 thoughts on “Stream music and videos from computer to iPhone iPad via iTunes”

  1. Thanks for the direction. I am now able to stream my iTunes library from my Windows PC to my iPhone – which is paired with a Bluetooth speaker in my bathroom.

  2. Does it work over the Internet? What’s the point of streaming music from a PC to a phone over a local network? Do some people prefer the tinny sound of the iPhone speaker to that of their home entertainment system?

  3. I have about 25K tracks in iTunes on the Mac, so a large, although not huge library. Try and access that in on the iPad and it chokes. Takes 20 minutes to load 2/3 and never gets any further. Just another flashy but crappy app typical of Apple these days. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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