Sync Yahoo Contacts with iPad

Recently we have posted a guide about how iPad users can set up their Yahoo mail account on iPad. Since then we have received some feedback from our visitors saying they can’t sync iPad with yahoo contacts even though they properly added Yahoo account to iPad via the Mail app. In this guide, we will show you an alternative method which helps you sync Yahoo account contacts to iPad contacts. It is easy to follow, takes just a few seconds.

Sync Yahoo Contacts with iPad

Below figure shows what we are going to do in following steps, syncing Yahoo contacts with iPad by adding Yahoo contacts account in the Mail app on iPad.

sync yahoo mail contacts to ipad

Step 1. Tap to open the Settings on your iPad. Then choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars item from the left navigation panel. You will open the Mail, Contacts, Calendars panel on the right.

add contacts account from settings on ipad

Tap on the Add Account from above screen, you will be taken to another screen like this.

select other account type in iPad mail

Do not choose Yahoo from above email account types list, select Other instead. Then a new screen displays as following.

add carddav account to ipad

Now you can find various sections for Mail, Contacts and Calendars. To add email accounts, you can go to the Mail section on the top. Here we will choose Add CardDAV Account under the Contacts section. After that you will be prompted to input your Yahoo contacts address server, Yahoo account ID and password.

carddav address yahoo on iPad

  • Server:
  • User Name: your full Yahoo mail address
  • Password: your Yahoo account password
  • Description: Yahoo account description, it can be something like ‘my yahoo contacts’.

Fill up the fields with your own Yahoo account credentials, then tap on Next button on the top right corner. The Mail app will connect to Yahoo mail server for verification. After that you will be taken to a new screen like below.
keep existing local contacts on ipad

You are required to choose how to handle existing contacts alreay on your iPad. Under most circustances, you should choose ‘Keep on My iPad’. Do not choose ‘Delete’ unless you know what you are going to do. As it will remove all your existing local contacts from iPad. Tap on Keep on My iPad, your Yahoo contacts will be synced with your iPad.

Sometimes there will be a delay, so you can’t find your Yahoo account within the Mail app or the Contacts app on iPad immediately. If so, want for about 15 minutes for iPad to download or transfer contacts from Yahoo mail server to your iOS device and check back again.

8 thoughts on “Sync Yahoo Contacts with iPad”

  1. Larry H. Gentry

    When I add a contact to my outgoing email using the iOS app on my iPad I notice that there are a lot of “junk” contacts that I don’t want. Don’t know how they got there. How can I get rid of them?

    1. You can refer to this guide to set up yahoo account on iPad step by step. During this process, you will have the option to sync contacts from yahoo email account to iPad. See above linked guide for details.
      If you are using a email client on computer with contacts saved locally on computer other than Yahoo mail server, you can choose to sync contacts from computer to Yahoo mail server, then download them on to iPad. Alternatively you can also export contacts from computer as iPad compatible format, such as VCF format, then import contacts to iPad via email. See this tutorial to transfer VCF contacts to iPhone iPad.

    1. When you set up your mail account on iPad, you will have the option to sync email, contacts, calendar, notes and other items. Are you using a yahoo mail or else?

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