Take a screenshot on iPhone 5S / 5C using new ios7

How to take a screenshot on iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C that are using the new iOS 7 system? New iPhone users may have this issue to capture the screen of their iPhone. If you have used an earlier model of iPhone, say iPhone 4s or iPhone 5, you can use the same procedure. Capturing screenshots on iOS 7 is the same as iOS 6. Using a later iPhone model or iOS version, like iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X? Check out this guide to capture screen on iPhone.

How to Take a screenshot on iPhone 5s or 5c ?

Press the Home and Power button at the same time as shown in the image below.

iphone5s 5c screenshot capture
iphone5s 5c screenshot capture

You will then hear a sound notifying you that your iPhone screen has been captured and saved to your Cameral roll as an image. You can also see your iPhone screen flash at the same time.

iPhone 5S 5C Screen Capture Tricks and Tips:

1.    You need to quickly press both of the Home and Power/lock button at the same time and let go right away. To capture iPhone 5S or 5C screen, if you press the power button for long, you may shut down the phone, if you press the Home button for long, you may launch the Siri app. So press the two buttons almost the same time and let them go a bit quicker. If it does not work out for you though, you can try below methods to press and let go one button before the other.
2.    You can press down and hold the LOCK button first on iPhone 5S or 5C, then press the HOME button, release the lock button before you release the Home button. If it still does not work, try below steps.
3.  Press and hold the HOME button on iPhone 5S or 5C first, then press the lock button, then release this button and finally release the HOME button.

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