How to take snapshots of video on iPhone?

Want to capture your favorite movie scene and save them as still pictures? On an iPhone, you can do so without any third-party app. Just play the video or TV which you want to take a snapshot. Drag the slider to quickly jump to the point in the video you like to capture, then pause the video. Now press the Power+Home keys combination to do a screenshot. Your iPhone screen will flash and the screenshot will be saved to the ‘Screenshots‘ album in your Photo Library or Camera Roll. Using iPhone X without home button or can’t get the screen capture properly? Check out this tutorial to capture screen on iPhone.

This method however simply capture anything on your iPhone screen as an image in a fixed resolution and aspect ratio that are usually different from the source movie or video. All your screenshots are captured in the same width/height, it does not matter you are capturing a 4K UHD movie, 1080P HD video or a 360p video. Sometimes when your video can’t fill the full screen of iPhone, you will get the black areas around the video. If you take a screen of the video, you capture the black bars on the left/right or top/bottom as well.

A better way to take snapshots of your video and get high resolution still pictures is to use a video player or editor that offer the video snapshot feature. Here we’ll show you how to do so with video to photo grabber app. If you don’t have it already, download it here.

Free alternative to this paid app

We have found a free alternative to this paid app. Now you can use ImgPlay GIF Maker to extract frames from videos for Free on iPhone.

video to photo converter - export photo from video iphone

Run the video to photo converter app on iPhone. Grant it the permission to access your photo library. Browse through the video thumbs and select the video you want to take a snapshot from. Swipe up and down to browse the video frame by frame, or drag the slider at the bottom to quickly find the scene you want. Touch to select the scene or frame. Finally tap the Save button at the top right section to save the video snapshot to your Camera Roll. You can also select the Share option to share the video snapshot through other apps on iPhone.

Update Sep 2022: this article was originally published in April 2018; added the free alternative app which can also help us convert videos to photos, export frames from videos on iPhone.

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