How to timestamp iPhone videos?

Currently the stock iPhone Camera app doesn’t allow us to add any time or date stamp to our photos or videos. In a related article, we demonstrated how iOS users can add date & time stamp to photos on iPhone using a free picture date & time stamp app. Today, we will introduce another great free video date stamp, time stamp app that can add date, time, even GPS location information to videos in realtime.

About the timestamp camera app

Timestamp Camera app is the best, maybe the only, app to automatically add timestamp to new videos in real time. It can automatically insert current time and address when taking photo or video on your iPhone or iPad. You can change time format and style or display the GPS info easily. Timestamp Camera is the only app that can record video with the time watermark accurate to millisecond(0.001 second).

timestamp camera basic app
timestamp camera basic app

How to add timestamp to videos on iPhone?

Download the free video timestamp app onto your iOS device from previous linked page. Run the time stamp camera app, you will be prompted to grant it the following permissions.

  • Access your location: this app can add location information to your photos and videos.
  • Access the microphone: record a video with audio.
  • Access the camera: use the camera to take photos and videos.
  • Access your Photos: Save and video your photos in Camera Roll.

After that, just turn on the Video mode in the Camera app. You can preview the time stamp in the camera window. Simply record a video, the current date and time will be displayed on the video. Recorded videos will be saved to your Camera Roll directly.

record video with time stamp on iPhone using timestamp camera app

Customize time stamp on video

You can adjust the color, font size, format, position of the timestamp. Tap on the clock button at the bottom right, a dialog pops up as below.

change time stamp position on video using timestamp camera app

You can set where the timestamp to be displayed above your video, change a different date and time format, change font size, style, manually input text as watermark, change opacity and so on.

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