Transcribe recordings to text on iPhone

Have you ever wished to write down or transcribe captured voice memos, recorded lectures, voice recordings automatically without the need to type them out manually? Just Press Record is perfect for that. Just as its name says, this is an easy audio recorder app, you can start recording with a single tap. But the coolest feature is its voice to text transcription. This app can automatically turn any voice, speech into searchable text in over 30 different languages and share your audio and text to other apps on your iPhone iPad, send them to any device or anyone you wish.

just press record app for iphone
just press record app for iphone

Run the voice recorder app on your iPhone or iPad. You can press the circular record button to starts a new recording. Before that however you can choose to save your files locally or on iCloud. Tap Settings from the bottom toolbar. Find Storage Location, you can switch between This iPhone and iCloud Drive here. There is no time limit on recordings. Practically, the limiting factors will be battery life and the available space on your device and in iCloud Drive. You can pause and resume recording anytime in the recording process.

Just Press Record can automatically transcribe your voice recording and display a text preview. You can search and edit the transcripts. Go to its Settings > Transcription Language to select the target language you are going to record. Otherwise, the recorded speed may not be transcribed correctly.

just press record app settings

Stop the recording, tap the recorded audio file to reveal the toolbar with options to share, transcribe, edit and delete below it. Tap the Transcribe button to view the full transcript, and even edit it. Tap the Share button to share the audio, transcript, or both.

just press record app for iPhone transcribe speech, voice to text

Extra useful recording tips

  • You can even record from your Apple Watch with one tap if you use the Apple Watch complication.
  • It supports both internal and external microphones. You can use the built-in microphone on your device or use an external mic hooked up through the lightning port.

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