Transfer & Backup scanned documents in Tiny Scanner

An iPhone document scanner can turn your mobile phone into a portable scanner. We have recommended several scanner apps for iPhone in previous articles. Tiny Scanner is one of them. You can see how to scan documents on iPhone using this scanner app. The iPhone scanner app comes with both free and premium versions. If you only use it casually, you may not want to pay for the full version. The free version however is limited. For example, batch scanning, unlimited documents, cloud services and Airprint are not supported. You can only scan two documents for free. Today, we will discuss how you can backup, transfer, export scanned PDF documents in Tiny Scanner app on iPhone. By doing so, you can go to delete scanned documents before you can scan new documents with the scanner app.

Transfer scanned documents from iPhone to computer

This scanner has the built-in Wi-Fi Drive feature which turns your iPhone into a wireless drive in your local network. Once enabled, you will be able to download the scanned PDF files from other phones or computers in the same Wi-Fi network. Go to its Settings >> Wi-Fi Drive >> Enable Drive, you will get the wireless transfer address. Access the file transfer address from iPhone scanner app on your computer browser. You can then download the scanned documents from iPhone to computer.

wi-fi drive PDF transfer tiny scanner iphone

Send scanned documents through email from iPhone

Email file sharing is very convenience for all iPhone users. You can’t use an iPhone with email account configured on it. To send scanned documents through email, you need to add your mail account to iPhone first. See how to add Hotmail account to iPhone iPad, just as an example. You can setup any IMAP/POP3 email accounts on your iOS device.

In Tiny Scanner, tap Edit button at the top right, tap to select the document(s), choose Share (white square with a upward arrow) at the bottom right corner. A action menu pops up at the lower section. Choose Email, then type in the recipient address and send the attached PDF file(s) through email.

You can also refer to this guide to scan documents to email on iPhone iPad using another scanner app.

Export scanned PDF files to Files or other apps on iPhone

Since iOS 11, you can find the Files app to manage all kinds of files and documents on iPhone iPad. You can choose and save the scanned documents from Tiny Scanner to Files or other apps you wish. Tap to open a scanned PDF doc in Tiny Scanner, tap Share, choose Open In from the action menu, then choose Save to Files, Add to Notes, Copy to iBooks, etc.

free tiny scanner pdf document share menu

Once you copied the scanned documents to other apps, transferred them to computer, or sent to yourself or other people through email, you can go to delete them from the scanner app on iPhone.

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