Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android using Shareit app

With the powerful cross platform data sharing, wireless file transfer without the need for Wi-Fi network or mobile data, Share it has become the best data transfer app for more than 800 million users. It even has a built-in music player for iPhone users. And best of all, it is free. So it saves you the cost of a premium mobile phone data transfer solution.

I had a lot of fun sharing files with other smartphone users through this light-weight, fast, yet powerful file sharing app. For example, it can help you send photos and videos from iPhone to Android phones. No need for Wi-Fi network, mobile phone data, internet connection or any cable, the files can be copied over from one phone to another wirelessly.

Except photos and videos in your Camera roll, your contacts and phone numbers on iPhone can also be shared through this free file transfer app. It will be a little different compared to media transfer, but they are mostly the same.

Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android phone using Shareit app

As we mentioned above there are a lot of similarities transferring all kinds of data using this app. To share contacts or phone numbers on iPhone, you need to ask your friend who uses the Shareit ap on his/her Android device to enable the data receiving mode so you can connect your iPhone to the hotspot on his/her Android phone and proceed to select and send contacts from your iPhone to other Android phones. Check out details below.

Step 1. Setup hotspot on Android phone

Start Shareit app on Android device, tap the Receive button at the home screen, the file transfer app will then automatically set up the mobile hotspot on your phone and put your phone into the data receiving mode.

shareit app receiving mode on android phone

Step 2. Connect iPhone to Android phone’s hotspot

The iPhone user needs to connect the device to the hotspot created on Android phone from Settings >> Wi-fi or WLAN.

Step 3. Select contacts on iPhone and send to Android

Run Shareit app on iPhone, choose Send button from home screen, then switch from Photo tab to Contact tab where you can find, select any or all contacts on your iPhone, finally touch the OK button to transfer all selected contacts from iPhone to Android phone.

choose contacts in shareit app on iphone

Sharing more files and documents on iPhone with Android users

Shareit is a free file transfer app. It offers us a fast solution for photos exchange, videos transfer and contacts sharing. However you may noticed that there are many other files types and documents have been left behind, such as SMS, WhatsApp chats, voice memos, music songs, PDF docs. If you still have any other inquiries about data transfer or sharing between mobile phones, computers, tablets, leave us a message in the comment section below.

11 thoughts on “Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android using Shareit app”

    1. SHAREit saves the contacts file on your android device, as a workaround, you can choose to manually import it to the stock Contacts app.

  1. I tried sharing contacts been saying IMPORTING since and cant retrieve them file is in though m just sooo confused

  2. Hey guys I am on Imac and sent some files but couldn’t find the files on my downloads folder. Where does Shareit save the files on Imac

    1. Shareit will save files to subfolders beneath the Downloads folder. for example, photos will be saved to Downloads/photo, videos will be saved to Downloads/video, PDF and more other files may be saved to Downloads/file, etc.

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