Transfer Contacts from Yahoo to Hotmail Gmail

If you want to transfer contacts from Yahoo to Hotmail, Yahoo to Google, or from Yahoo to iPhone iPad or other email services, devices, you can firstly export contacts from Yahoo account to your computer, then import the Yahoo contacts backup to another emails service like Hotmail or Gmail. When you add your Yahoo account to an email client or device, such as Outlook, Apple Mail app, iOS Mail app, you should be able to sync contacts from Yahoo account to your email client or device. You can also directly connect your Yahoo account with Hotmail to keep your contacts in sync between different email accounts or services. Currently it seems to be a problem to sync Yahoo contacts to iPhone iPad. If you have this trouble, you can sync your Yahoo contacts to Hotmail or Gmail which can sync very well with iOS device. After adding your Hotmail or Gmail to iPhone iPad, your Yahoo contacts will be transferred to iPad iPhone automatically.

Transfer Yahoo contacts to Hotmail

To Yahoo contacts from our computer to an Hotmail account, log in your Hotmail account from or Click the button from the top left corner and select People from the pop up dialogue.

access hotmail contacts

You will then see a new screen like below.

sync yahoo contacts to hotmail

Now you will see a ‘Add people to your contact list’ section where you can connect your accounts to keep your contacts in sync with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and other services. Click Yahoo and follow the on-screen tips to sign into your Yahoo account and share contacts with Hotmail account.

Transfer Yahoo contacts to Gmail

To transfer contacts from Yahoo to Google, you have to download or export contacts from Yahoo account to your computer as CSV file, then import Yahoo contacts to your Google account. See this guide for the details: how to save Yahoo contacts to computer?

Log on your Google account, switch from the Mail to Contacts from the top left corner to access your Gmail contacts page. Then click More button to expand the drop-down menu, and select Import item from the list.

import contacts to gmail

You will then see a pop up dialogue like below. Click Choose file button to browse and select your saved Yahoo contacts from your computer and upload it from computer to your Google account.

import yahoo contacts to gmail

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