Transfer files between iPhone and computer using LANDrop

AirDrop is my favorite when I need to send photos, videos and other files from iPhone to Mac or Mac to iPhone. It is built-in with Mac and iOS devices. It works over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is really fast. And there is no restriction on the size of the file you can transfer through AirDrop. However it does not work between an iOS device and a Windows PC. Here we recommend a free alternative to AirDrop which can help you easily transfer files from iPhone or iPad to Windows PC or the other way around.

By the way, if your iOS device or Mac doesn’t support AirDroid or you don’t like AirDroid, you can also use LANDrop on your Mac as the free alternative.

landrop free file transfer app

LANDrop Free File Transfer

LANDrop is a fast, simple utility to send files between mobile phones and computers over LAN. It is free, no registration required. Files and documents will be shared in your local network, no data will be uploaded to the cloud or third-party servers. You can find more features of this free data sharing app and download LANDrop onto your iPhone and computer here.

How to use LANDrop for file transfer between iPhone and Windows PC?

Install the free transfer tool onto both your mobile device and computer.

Connect both your phone and PC to the same Wi-Fi network.

Open the file transfer app on your iPhone. The first time you run it, you will be prompted to grant it the permission to find and connect to devices on your local network. As we mentioned above, LANDrop connects to local network devices in the Wi-Fi network to send and receive files. What you have to do is simply tap on the OK button to allow it to use wireless data and to access local network. After that, restart the file sharing app on your iPhone. You will then see its home screen as shown in screenshot below.

LANDrop file transfer for iphone

Run LANDrop file transfer program on your PC. Since both iPhone and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. They should detect each other through the file transfer.

Send Files from iPhone to PC

In LANDrop on iPhone, tap on the Add Image or Add Files icon at the top right corner to access your Photo Library or Files on iPhone, then select and add photos, videos and other documents from your iPhone to the transfer utility. Tap on your PC name in the Devices section to send all selected files from iPhone to your computer.

LANDrop on iPhone will display a code. Go to LANDrop for Windows. The same code should display in LANDrop on your computer to make sure you receive files from the right device or person. You will have to manually click the Receive button to accept the file sharing on your PC.

send, receive files between iphone and PC using LANDrop app

Save files on PC

By default, LANDrop for Windows saves all received files and documents to the Downloads folder on your computer. It also lets users change or set the downloads directory to any other location they want.

Send Files from computer to iPhone

Keep LANDrop active on your iPhone. Then double click LANDrop icon at the Windows task bar to show the file selection dialog. You can drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to the file transfer program, or click Add button to select and add files. Then click Send button. Your iPhone name will be listed, click on your iPhone name, click Send button at the bottom to transfer all chosen files and documents from your desktop or laptop to the iOS device.

Also a code will show up in both LANDrop for iOS and Windows, so you can make sure you receive files from the right device or person. Tap on the check icon in the Receiving section in LANDrop on iPhone to save the files to your device.

Save and share files on iPhone

Supported image files and video files will be saved to the Photo library on iPhone directly. Other files and documents can be found in the Files tab of LANDrop for iOS. You can choose to save them to the Files app, open them with other apps on your iPhone, or share with other people.

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