Transfer files between iPhone and Oculus Quest

Sometimes you need to transfer files, such as photos, videos, between your mobile phone and Oculus Quest headset. An USB cable is the most obvious choice, but not the best one in most cases. There are many third-party wireless transfer apps you can choose when you need to send files from mobile phone to Oculus Quest or from the VR headset to your mobile phone. In this quick guide, we will be using Owlfiles app, a free file manager and transfer app, on iPhone to share files between iPhone and Oculus Quest.

About the file transfer app

Owlfiles File Manager for Mac, iPhone, iPad. Access files on local storage, server, NAS and cloud storages. Transfer files from any location to another. Stream movies and music to your mobile or desktop device and even more.

Owlfiles File Manager app

Share files between iPhone and Oculus Quest

Now follow these steps to transfer files from iPhone to Oculus Quest or the other way around using the free file transfer app.

Step 1. Turn your iPhone into a file server

Run Owlfiles file manager app on iPhone. Choose More tab from the bottom, then select Built-in Servers in the Toolbox section.

On this Built-in Servers screen, simply tap on Start Servers button to enable both Web server and FTP server and get the server URL addresses on your iPhone.

owlfiles built-in servers setup, start, stop web and ftp servers on iphone

Step 2. Connect to iPhone file server from Oculus Quest

You don’t need to download any app on Oculus Quest in order to access the web server on iPhone. Simply launch the Meta Quest Browser or any other web browser you prefer on the VR headset to access the above web server created by Owlfiles app on iPhone.

In the web address bar, type in the iPhone web server address to access the file server on iPhone from Oculus Quest.

Step 3. Share files between iPhone and Oculus Quest

In Owlfiles for web, you can click on Upload Files…., then choose files from Oculus Quest and send them to iPhone. To copy files from iPhone to the Headset, simply click the Save buttons before the files in the list.

Switch to My Files tab from the bottom in Owlfiles app. Here you can find all received files from Oculus Quest.

owlfiles file manager my files on iphone

If the photos, videos or other files can’t be found in Owlfiles web interface, you can go to import them from Photos or Files app to Owlfiles app on iPhone. Under the My Files tab, touch the Menu (three dots icon) at the top right corner, you will then have the option to import files from Photos and Files.

Oculus file transfer alternatives

Other than Owlfiles app, we also have several other useful tools and apps to copy files across our mobile phones, headsets and computers.

Snapdrop is a free and open source local file sharing solution. We can use it to instantly share images, videos, PDFs, and links with people nearby. Peer2Peer and Open Source. No Setup, No Signup. It completely works in your browser. NO need to download any apps.

Meta Oculus Quest browser to access snapdrop file sharing

Check out the easy steps to transfer files from iPhone to Oculus Quest using Snapdrop.

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