Transfer Files from Mac/PC to Phone through Wifi File Transfer

Nowadays there are more and more apps for Android and iPhone can help us transfer files from a Mac or PC to our mobile phones over Wi-Fi. You do not really need a special file transfer or sync app for this job. These wifi transfer apps are always built-in other file management apps on the phone, such as the iPhone File Master and the iPhone folder and data lock app. Today, we will introduce how these file manager for mobile can also help you easily copy data between mobile phone and computer.

In an earlier guide, we demonstrated how you can transfer photos, videos and music between computer and iPhone over Wifi using the iPhone file master app. The Folder Lock app however provides extra layer of security. It can help you securely transfer files and data from computer to iPhone and Android, and then protect your files and folder on the phone with a password, PIN or pattern.

Transfer Files from Mac/PC to Phone through Wifi File Transfer

Go to download the Folder Lock app first. You can find scroll up to the first paragraph above and visit the linked page to see more details of the app and download it from App Store from there. Run this iPhone data lock app, you will see its main interface like this.

iphone folder lock app main

To transfer files from Mac/PC to phone through wifi and protect them with password using Folder Lock app, you can simply follow below steps.

Enable Wi-Fi File Transfer on the phone

Touch the Wifi icon form the home screen of this iPhone file lock app. Then turn on wifi transfer from there, see below screenshot.

wifi file transfer through folder lock for mobile

Access phone from computer via Wi-Fi

Now you get the wifi transfer address on iPhone or Android. You can then run a web browser on Mac or PC to access this wifi transfer address. You can use any web browser on the computer, such as IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. You will need to enter the Folder Lock app password in order to access files and data protected by the Folder Lock app on iPhone or Android. See also this guide to enable Password Pin protection of data on iPhone using Folder Lock app.

folder lock app password to access phone from pc

Transfer files from computer to iPhone and Android over Wi-Fi

After that you can access all kinds of data types in the Folder Lock app on iPhone or Android, such as photos, videos, music, audios, documents and so on. You can add all types of files from PC or Mac to iPhone or Android using the Wifi transfer function of this mobile phone data protection and lock app. In this demo however we will show you how to transfer photos from computer to iPhone over Wifi. It works the same with any other file types.

add files from mac pc to phone via wifi transfer of folder lock app
Go to the Photos tab, click Add Files button, browse to your folder and albums on computer, choose the image files you like to send from computer to mobile phone.

uploading files from mac pc to phone through wifi transfer of folder lock Your selected photos will be uploaded from Mac or PC to iPhone or Android phone instantly. Since the data will be exchanged within your local network, the transfer speed will be blazing fast. You do not have to worry about bulk file transfer or heavy media files transfer, such as HD photos or videos.

Protect private files on iPhone and Android

If you have enable the security lock on the phone, all files transferred to the phone through Wifi file transfer of the Folder Lock app will be protected by its password, PIN or pattern. You can also import files and data from iPhone or Android to this app to lock them and prevent from unauthorized access. See more details from this tutorial to hide and lock private photos on iPhone.

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