Transfer files to Alook on iPhone

Alook Browser is a very powerful web browser for iOS. Except browsing websites, it can also help us play music, play movies, open images, download online files, read ebooks and many more. To add local files to Alook browser, you can use the Share with or Open with feature to copy files from other apps to Alook app on iPhone or iPad. Or you can save the files and documents to the stock Files app first, then copy them to Files > On My iPhone > Alook, select a directory and save the files. Then tap to open the files with Alook browser directly from Files app. After that, launch Alook web browser app and access them from Menu > Files.

Alook Web Browser
Alook Web Browser

If the files are saved on a different device, such as a computer or Android phone, you may make use of its built-in WiFi transfer utility to copy them over to iOS device. Tap Menu button at the bottom of Alook app, touch Files to open a menu like this.

alook web browser for iPhone files menu

Choose Wi-Fi Transfer menu, select a subfolder which you plan to save the files to. Then the Wi-Fi Transfer screen opens with a local IP address of your iPhone in the local network.

alook web browser for iPhone files transfer via wifi
alook web browser for iPhone files transfer via wifi

There are only three steps to transfer files from other devices or computers to iPhone via Alook WiFi transfer.

  • Connect the other device or computer to the same WiFi network.
  • Then open the displayed IP address in a web browser on your computer or other device.
  • Select files and upload them to iPhone or iPad via Alook WiFi transfer.

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