Transfer iPhone voice memos to computer using Shareit

Shareit has long been my favorite wireless file transfer app for sharing files between mobile phones and computers. It is very easy to use. You connect your devices and computers to the same Wi-Fi network, select files and data on one device, choose the target device to receive data, go to the receiving device and confirm to save the files. We have showed you how to send files from computer to iPhone or the other way around using this tool before. In this article, you will learn how to transfer voice memos from iPhone to computer using Shareit.

How to transfer iPhone voice memos to computer over Wi-Fi?

To get started, go to download the file transfer app here. Note that you need to install the data transfer app on your iOS device and its desktop client on computer.

Run the Voice Memos app on iPhone, tap on the sound recording file you like to send, tap the Share icon to bring up all compatible apps through which you can share the voice recording. See below screenshot.

send voice memo from iphone through shareit

Select ‘Cope to Shareit‘, you will be taken to the ‘Click the avatar to send‘ screen where all devices connected to the same network will be scanned and displayed. Touch the avatar of your PC or Mac computer to send the selected voice memo from iPhone to computer using Shareit wirelessly through Wi-Fi.

send files from iphone to computer using shareit app

On your computer, you should see an alert asking you to accept the file transfer. Click Accept to save iPhone voice memo to your computer hard drive. You can also enable the ‘set it as a trusted device, no need to remind me again‘ option so files can be automatically downloaded from your iPhone to computer without the need to manually receive the file transfer on computer end.

receive files transfer from iphone to computer using shareit

Your iPhone voice memos and other files will be saved to the default download location. You can find this folder or change a new file save location from the Settings screen of Shareit for PC or Mac.

Batch transfer all voice memos from iPhone to computer

This free iPhone file transfer is easy and fast if you like to export only several voice recordings. You can select and transfer voice memos one by one only. For batch transfer and backup, check out this guide to backup iPhone voice memos using a more professional iPhone data backup software.

Edit and share iPhone voice memos

Once you load the voice memos off your iPhone, you can use your favorite audio editors to edit them before you send, share or publish them. For example, you can convert the voice memos to MP3 so you can transfer them to any devices and play them using any media players as MP3 is universally supported by all major devices and players.

You can also use the voice memos as ringtones for your iPhone following these steps to transfer ringtones to iPhone.

If you have saved several related voice recordings, you may wan to join the voice memos together into one file.

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