Transfer Mobi, ePub books from iPhone to PC

Occasionally we might need to transfer some books, in mobi, epub format, from iPhone to computer. For example, you may like to read them on bigger screen, the mobi books can’t open in Books app and you want to convert them to epub on your computer, etc.

The quickest way to transfer the ebooks is through a wireless file sharing app, like Xender, Zapya, SHAREit. Unlike email, these apps won’t upload your files to the internet, they simply copy files from one device to another in your local network. Thus the transfer is much faster than email. See how to transfer files between iPhone and computer using Xender and this tutorial to send files between iPhone and PC using Zapya.

Xender and Zapya support both Wi-fi and Hotspot connection and transfer. Connect both iPhone and PC to the same Wi-Fi network if any, then copy files around them through Wi-Fi. It is the simplest way to share files between iPhone and Windows computer. If no Wi-Fi network, enable the Hotspot in Zapya for Windows on your computer, connect your iPhone to the Windows hotspot, then exchange files over Wi-fi hotspot. Or setup Personal Hotspot on iPhone, then connect your computer to iPhone hotspot and use Xender or Zapya to copy files between your mobile phone and computer wirelessly over hotspot network.

We will focus on the WiFi transfer in this quick guide. This is the best option to send files and documents. You just need to connect both your iPhone and computer to the same Wi-Fi network, then the transfer app can automatically detect the other device and connect instantly. Check out details below.

Copy books to Xender or Zapya folder on iPhone

When you open up Xender or Zapya on your iPhone, you can find Photos, Videos, Music, Contacts and Files. And most likely your ebooks can’t be found in the transfer apps. You have to add them book, mobi, epub or other formats to the Xender or Zapya folder in Files app first. Run Files app on iPhone, find the books, epub files, mobi files and copy them. Go to export the books from other apps to the Files app first, if they are not here yet. Then browse to On My iPhone, you should find Xender or Zapya folder beneath. Create a new subfolder in the Xender or Zapya folder to save the books or paste the copied books to an existing sub-folder under the Xender or Zapya folder.

Transfer books from iPhone to PC

Connect both iPhone and computer to the same Wi-Fi network. Run Xender or Zapya on both the mobile and computer, you can then find the books in the transfer app and send them to your PC wirelessly the same way you transfer other files, photos, videos, and so on. Scroll up and refer to the linked tutorials for more specific instructions.

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