Transfer PDF between iPhone and iPad without internet using Scanner Pro

We have reviewed one of the best selling iOS apps called Scanner Pro recently. This mobile technology can tunr iPhone into portable scanner to replace the traditional hardware scanners. If you scanned paper documents to iPhone as PDF files, you can follow this guide to transfer PDF from iPhone to iPad without internet. If you have Wi-fi network available, you can also send PDF documents as email attachment between iPhone and iPad. The iPhone scanner app has the built-in support to allow users quickly pick up any PDF documents and share them through email or other ways.

Transfer PDF from iPhone to iPad without internet using Scanner Pro

This method requires you have a wireless router to set up the local network so your iPhone, iPad and computers can freely exchange PDF documents through the scanner app. Firstly go to Scanner Pro >> Settings >> WiFi Access, and turn on Wifi access on your iPhone. See below screenshot.
enable wifi access in scanner pro settings on iphone ipad
Now you will get a local IP address which you can use to download PDF files from the iPhone or iPad to other iPhone or iPad or computers. See also this guide to transfer PDF files from the iPhone or iPad to computer. Access the above IP address on another iPhone or iPad, you will get a screen like below.
transfer pdf between iphone and ipad over wifi using scanner pro
Select any PDF documents you like to download on your iPhone or iPad, tap the PDF file name to open it in Safari browser for mobile, you will then find options to open PDF in other apps or in iBooks. If you choose ‘Open in iBooks’, then the selected PDF file will be saved to iBooks app on iPhone or iPad. This works just ike you download PDF documents from websites to iPhone.

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