Transfer PDF from iPhone to computer over Wi-Fi using Scanner Pro

In another article, we talked how you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a portable scanner using merely a scanner iOS app, Scanner Pro. Now you can replace huge hardware scanners with your mobile phone. See how to scan a paper document using iPhone here. You can quickly scan paper documents into PDFs that look clean and professional and save a digital copy of all your paper documents on iPhone, transfer them to your computer, other iPhone iPad, other mobile phones, like Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG, Motorola, etc.

How to Transfer PDF from iPhone to computer over Wi-Fi using Scanner Pro?

You do not need iTunes or internet access, as long as you have a local Wi-fi network, you will be able to transfer PDF from iPhone to computer using this Scanner Pro. Note that this solution copies scanned PDF documents to other devices or computers, this does not include your PDF files saved in iBooks or other PDF apps on your iPhone or iPad.

Enable Wi-Fi Access on iPhone

Run Scanner Pro on iPhone or iPad, tap Settings, you will get a window like below.
enable wifi access in scanner pro settings on iphone ipad
You can find and tap on to enable WiFi Access option in the Scanner app for iPhone iPad. After that you will get a local IP address which you can use to download PDF documents from iPhone to PC or Mac.

Access and download PDF documents from iPhone to computer

Now run any web brower on your computer, such as IE, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome. Then access the Wi-fi address you get from iPhone or iPad. You will then see all files hosted live from iPhone’s Docs folder, see below screenshot.
transfer pdf iphone to computer via wifi
All scanned PDF documents on iPhone or iPad are now listed and displayed on your PC or Mac. You can click on the PDF file name to open it in your browser, you can also right click on it to download PDF file from iPhone to computer or from iPad to computer.

Want to scan papers, documents, books into iPhone? Check out this iPhone scanner app for more features and its download link.

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