Transfer Photos & Videos between iPhone and PC

There are a lot of transfer apps that can help us copy files between iOS device and computer. Speaking of file transfer between iOS and Mac, we highly recommend AirDrop. In this guide, we will show you the easy steps to transfer photos & videos between iPhone and PC wirelessly using Simple Transfer for free.

Get the free file transfer app from above link on to your iPhone first. Open this transfer app, the Computer tab opens automatically. You will see two URL link which you can use to access the Simple Transfer app from external devices.

simple transfer iphone computer transfer ip address

The transfer app turns your iPhone into a web server. Now you can go to connect the Simple Transfer app from Windows computer using a desktop browser. Connect your PC to the same Wi-Fi as the iPhone. Launch a web browser of your choice, Edge, IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc. Access the numeric IP address provided by Simple Transfer on iPhone. You can then open and browse all albums on your iPhone right from your desktop browser on PC.

connect simple transfer from pc using a desktop web browser

Downloading photos & videos from iPhone to PC

Open a folder, Camera Roll, Screenshots, Favorites or any other album. Preview and select the items and click the Download button to same them to your computer. Multiple selection via Shift+click is supported. Files will be zipped automatically for bulk file transfer.

Uploading photos & videos from PC to iPhone

Hit the Upload button at the top section of the web client on your PC, browse to the folder on your PC and select the photos and/or videos to send, then choose an album on iPhone to upload the selected files to.

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