Transfer Photos and Videos from iPad to iPhone via Wi-Fi for FREE

Media files transfer between iPhone and iPad has been a headache for many iOS users. The photos, videos are usually very big. They are difficult to be sent through emails. In this article, we will introduce you a new way to copy photos and videos from iPad to iPhone via Wi-Fi. Unlike many other wireless transfer tools, this media transfer app can exchange files and data using your local Wi-Fi network, thus it can be much much faster than data exchange and transfer over the internet. To batch transfer photos and videos between iPhone and iPhone, iPad and iPad or iPhone and iPad can be done in just several minutes or even seconds. For media files exchange from iPhone to iPad, check out this step-by-step guide to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to iPad over Wi-Fi. In this tutorial, we will show you how to transfer photos and videos from iPad to iPhone wirelessly using Swift wireless transfer.

Best iPhone iPad Photo & Video Transfer App

This free wireless transfer app for iPhone iPad however has some disadvantages, for example, you cannot transfer photos in raw format, when you transfer photos from iPhone or iPad to another device or computer, your image files will be compressed, thus you will lose image quality. I tried to sent photos from iPhone 4S to windows 10 via Firefox browser, it reduced source image from 3264*2448p to 960*720p, the original image is 2.47mb, but the one sent to computer is merely 188kb.

Other than this, it does not have a computer version or Android versions. This makes the media transfer not very easy to use. Its transfer speed when sending big files, such as multiple photos and videos, is slow compared to premium wireless or bluetooth transfer apps.

If you are looking for a Wifi transfer app or bluetooth transfer app to share, transfer or exchange photos and videos for iPhone iPad Android and computers, we highly recommend you this best photo & video wireless transfer app.

How to transfer Photos and Videos from iPad to iPhone via Wi-Fi?

First of all, go to download this free wireless transfer app for iPhone and iPad. It is the best free photo and video transfer app for iPhone iPad and iPod touch. You may find many similar apps are priced about $3 or above in App store. This one is not only free, but very easy to use. It even works better than many paid wireless transfer apps.

Run Swift file transfer on your iPad. It will directly load photos from your Camera Roll on iPad. Select photos or videos you like to send from iPad to iPhone. See below screenshot.

select photos videos on ipad to send through swift transfer app

Switch from Photos to Videos tab from the top section of this wi-fi transfer app on iPad if you like to select and transfer videos as well. After that, tap on the Send button at the bottom screen, you will open another screen where you can find two file transfer modes: Swift 2 Swift and No Swift Installed. It is quite self explanatory. The first photo transfer mode requires both the source device and target device has Swift transfer app installed. The second file transfer mode does not require the Swift transfer app on the target device. We recommend you to have this wireless transfer installed on both iPhone and iPad to guarantee the best data transfer experience.

Under the Swift 2 Swift transfer mode, the wireless transfer app will automatically scan devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network and display them on the screen as shown from below screenshot. Tap to select the iPhone you like to send your iPad photos and videos to and tap on the Send button at the bottom to initiate the data transfer from iPad to iPhone. You can also select multiple device to send the files to. That’s to say you can send the same media files from an iPad or iPhone to multiple iPad or iPhone at the same time.

send photos videos from ipad to iphone over wi-fi using swift transfer app

The wireless transfer app on the iPhone will receive the connection request from the sending device, you will get a prompt message like “Jack’s iPad tries to send you files, do you want to receive?” Simply press the OK button to confirm the transfer and download photos and videos from iPad to iPhone instantly. Once the wireless transfer app finished copying the data from iPad to iPhone, you will be able to access the received media files in the Camera Roll on your iPhone.

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