How to Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to iPad via Wi-Fi for FREE?

Do you own multiple iOS devices? Many iPhone users also have a iPad or iPod. Sometimes you may have files want to shared between different iOS devices. For example you may want to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad, send videos from iPad to iPhone. There are many tools can help you copy media files, like pictures and videos from an iPhone to an iPad or the other way around, but most of them require a computer in the middle. Email is the most frequently used tool to send files wirelessly. However for batch file transfer, especially media files, email is too slow. Today we will show you how to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to iPad over Wi-fi using Swift File Transfer. It is a free iOS app on App Store. With this free iPhone wireless transfer app, you will be able to easily share photos and videos between iPhone/iPad/iPod devices in just seconds.

Best iPhone iPad Photo & Video Transfer App

This free wireless transfer app for iPhone iPad however has some disadvantages, for example, you cannot transfer photos in raw format, when you transfer photos from iPhone or iPad to another device or computer, your image files will be compressed, thus you will lose image quality. I tried to sent photos from iPhone 4S to windows 10 via Firefox browser, it reduced source image from 3264*2448p to 960*720p, the original image is 2.47mb, but the one sent to computer is merely 188kb.

Other than this, it does not have a computer version or Android versions. This makes the media transfer not very easy to use. Its transfer speed when sending big files, such as multiple photos and videos, is slow compared to premium wireless or bluetooth transfer apps.

If you are looking for a Wifi transfer app or bluetooth transfer app to share, transfer or exchange photos and videos for iPhone iPad Android and computers, we highly recommend you this best photo & video wireless transfer app.

How to Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to iPad via Wi-Fi?

Download Wireless Transfer App on iPhone and iPad. Run this free wi-fi transfer app on iPhone, you will get a screen like this. It defaults to the Photo selection tab when you initially launch the app on iPhone so you can quickly select photos to transfer. Tab on Video tab to choose videos. You can choose many different photos and videos on iPhone to send them at once.

select photos videos to send with swift transfer app on iphone
When you have selected all the photos and videos like to transfer on iPhone, tap on the Send button at the bottom of your iPhone screen. The wireless transfer app will then open the transfer mode selection screen. By default, the Swift 2 Swift mode opens, this requires the receiver or the target iOS device to have the wi-fi transfer app installed as well. If you want to transfer photos from iPhone to computer, iPad or another iPhone without the Wi-fi transfer app, you should switch to No Swift Installed transfer mode. The iPhone transfer app will automatically scan devices in the same wifi network in the Swift 2 Swift mode.
swift transfer mode selection on iPhone
To transfer photos and videos from iPhone to iPad over Wi-fi using Swift wireless transfer app, make sure to connect both iPhone and iPad to the same wi-fi network, so the transfer app on the source device can detect and find the target device. Also make sure to run Swift transfer app on iPad at the same time. It needs to be running at foreground while the files are being transferred. In the following screen, you need to choose equipment(s) to receive the photos and videos from iPhone. In this guide it is your iPad to receive media files from iPhone. Tap to select iPad as the target device, then tap on the Send button to transfer photos and videos selected from iPhone to iPad via wi-fi.
send photos videos from iphone to ipad over wi-fi using swift transfer
Now go to your iPad screen, you can see a pop-up dialogue with the prompt message like ‘iPhone tries to send files to you, do you want to receive?‘ Tap on OK, you will instantly download photos and videos from iPhone to iPad. You can then find then in your Camera Roll on iPad just like any other photos you taken, videos recorded on iPad.

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